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How to book a wildlife tour and optionally rent a bike

In this tutorial, we will configure a bookable product where your users can book a tour or excursion in wild nature and optionally rent a bike for an extra fee of $5 per bike.

We can accept a total of 50 people, but the number of bikes is limited to a total of 30.

Let’s start then, with the bike settings.


To configure the bike as a resource, let’s go to YITH > Booking > Configuration > Resources and click on Add new resource.

Add new resources

Then, we can give it a name (Bike), set the quantity to 30, the availability as by default (we will further restrict this in the bookable product) and save.

Bike settings

That easy! Let’s move on to the bookable product now.


As usual, let’s create a new product, set it as bookable and virtual.

Set bookable product

In the first section of the Settings, we can set the duration of the booking as Fixed units of 1 day, make sure that the first available date appears as already selected and enable the Full day booking option.

Booking settings

Then, we can scroll down to the Booking Terms to set the maximum number of allowed bookings to 50 per day.

Max bookings per unit
Step 2 — People

In the People section, then, we can make sure that one person cannot book for more than 10 people in one order, so, after enabling the people option, we will set Min/Max number of people between 1 and 10.

Minimum and maximum number of people

Additionally, we can enable the option Count people as separated bookings, so even if you submit just one order for multiple people, the product availability will be correctly updated.

Minimum and maximum number of people

For example, if I submit one booking for 3 people, still 47 other people can take part in the excursion, regardless whether they book individually or as a group.

STep 3 — Costs

In the costs, we want to set up a base price of $150 and we’ll make sure to enable the Multiply by number of people option, so it’s $150 per person.

Price per person

Additionally, we want to charge a different price, $200 per person, during weekends, so we will create an advanced price rule in the section below, and set:

  • a condition by Range of days from Saturday to Sunday,
  • enable the option to change the base price
  • + Increase the price by $50
Extra cost during weekends
Step 4 — Availability

Now, we want the product to be available only from May to September, so in the Availability tab, we will leave the default availability to All days as bookable.

Default availability

Then, we will restrict this with an additional availability rule, and set it to Generic dates, from October to April, as NOT-bookable.

Available only in summer
Step 5 — Resources

And now we can finally set our resources. First of all, let’s enable them from the toggle button. Then, in the Resource assignment we can set it to Customer can select one resource and leave the Required option set to NO. This is because this is a walking trail that you can optionally ride by bike.

Customer can select one resource

Now, from the section below we can add the resource…

Add the resource

… and set the extra $5.00 price per bike. We will also enable the Multiply by number of people to make sure this extra is charged for every person in the booking.

Extra price per bike per person

And that’s it!

Let’s see our product as it will appear to our customers.

First of all, we will be able to select if we want to add a bike at an extra cost or not:

Based on the bike availability, we will see the dates and can pick one for our trip.

If we want to add a bike, August 18 is not available, as all bikes are booked. Yet, it is available if we don’t select any bike.

Also, if we want to book for 10 people and 10 bikes for August 10, we will see an error message informing us that there are only 2 bikes left for that day, so we can update the number of people selected.