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Booking duration

In the Booking settings” we can set up the basic booking product settings.

Booking settings units

  • Fixed units of: the user only has to enter the start date, the end date is calculated automatically. (example above, 3 days).
  • Customer can book units of: Customer can indicate how many units he wants to book, the number of units will be multiplied automatically. (Example above, units of 3 days, 6 days, 9 days etc.). 
The duration of a booking is expressed in “units”, the admin can set units of minutes, hours, days or months.

You can decide which ‘start date’ to show on the booking form calendar.

default start date form

  • Default start date in booking form:
    • None
    • Current day
    • Current day +1
    • First available day
    • Custom date
  • Full day booking: Decide if the booking duration will last until the end of the day, you can read more about it here.
  • Location: Set the location of your booking product, and/or use the [booking_map] shortcode, to show the map on the product page.