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YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote

Thanks to YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote you can offer users the chance to ask for a quote for one or more products in your shop. Once the request is received, you can process your offer and send it via email. Users can accept the offer and will be automatically redirected to the cart where they will find the exact agreed price.

By integrating the two plugins, you could enable YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote features also on “Bookable” products. Each user can request a quote before proceeding with the booking.

After activating both plugins, you can configure your quote system by following the plugin documentation.

Please, note: if after activating the plugin, you can’t see the Quote button on the single product page, make sure you save the settings and refresh the product page, this should solve the issue.

Below, a sample of how a bookable product shows with YITH Request a Quote enabled before and after adding it to the quote page.