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All bookings

From “YITH > Booking > Dashboard > “All bookings” you can see all bookings made on your store. When no bookings have been placed yet, a message is shown.

Dashboard with all bookings

The dashboard of all bookings enables you to filter and search the booking list and use columns you can sort. (By default, it is sorted by ‘date from’).

All bookings table

Within the ‘all bookings’ tab, you can find various sub-tabs depending on the booking status. The default lists of views are ‘Upcoming’ and ‘All’. (Other tabs are automatically populated based on the statuses of your bookings).

The “Upcoming” view shows all current and future bookings (with visibility in the first column on when it starts).

The amount column refers to the order price, only if there is an order. (Only if you would edit the order item price manually, this price can differ from the booking price).

Booking status and icons

Each booking that is placed will be directly visible, you can distinguish the status of the booking not only by name but also by color.

When hovering over some statuses, you will see the “Action icons” which you can use to directly change the booking status.

The status transitions allowed through “action icons” are:
– Unpaid to Paid ( money icon )
– Paid to Completed ( black check icon )
– Pending to Confirmed ( blue check icon )
– Pending to Rejected ( red X icon )

Actions example


From YITH > Booking > Dashboard > “Calendar” you can see a calendar overview with all placed bookings.

Booking calendar

You can filter by:

  • Product
  • Resource (requires the Resource module to be enabled)
  • Date and year
  • Month or day: You use the ‘Daily view‘ for hourly and/or per-minute bookings; you use the “Monthly view” for daily bookings.

Using the arrows beside the ‘month/day’ header, you can switch easily to the previous/next month or day.

You can also search for any terms available in the booking details.

monthly view
Booking calendar - monthly view
daily view
Booking calendar - day view

Each booking that is placed will be visible directly in the calendar, the color of the booking indicates the status of the booking.

Moreover, you can both check the single booking details by clicking on the specific booking…

and all the bookings for that specific day by clicking on the day.

Click on day
Bookings for specific day
Booking status
Booking status colors

If you want to change the name of the shown booking (show only name, only product, etc.), you can! Please check the specific settings on this page here.

Availability left

If you want to know how many seats, rooms, beds, etc. are left for a certain booking product, that is possible! You can simply filter the product you want to see, select monthly view or daily view, select date, and hit “filter”. 

Monthly view
Availability left - monthly view
daily view
Availability left - day view

The calendar view only shows the selected product and its availability in the header of the specific day or time.

Note: This filter can only be applied to booking products that have the “Max bookings per unit” option greater than one.

Calendar by resource

From this view, you can also filter bookings by the selected resources and see a calendar of the specific resource.

This is very useful, for example, if your resources are staff members and you want them to see an updated calendar of their day.

Filter bookings by resource

Create new booking

From the calendar, you also create new bookings by clicking on the “+” icon that shows on mouse hover.

Booking creation from the calendar

From the popup, you can select the following data:

  • User: link the booking to an existing user, or a guest user
  • Bookable product: search the bookable product
  • Assign order: decide whether to link the booking to an order or not or if you want to create a new order

If you are creating a booking for a product configured with hourly duration, the form will show all the related fields as in the example below.

Create hourly booking

As an admin, you can also create the booking for past and future dates. This can be useful, for example, if you have accepted an in-person booking on March 14 for a room in your hotel and decide to register it the day after, March 15.

Edit booking page

From the ‘All bookings’ list, you can click on the booking ID number to enter the edit booking page.

Open booking details

You have oversight of the booking details and the possibility to edit them. You can change the booking date and duration:

Edit booking date

Note: the admin should double-check the availability before changing the date because the calendar used on this page does not indicate the availability.

You can also edit the number of people and the booking services:

Edit people and services

Add notes

Another useful option is to add notes to the booking. These can either be private notes (only visible to the admin) or notes shared with the customer.

Add booking notes

To distinguish them, you can see them in different colors, light grey for private notes, and light yellow for notes to customer.

When choosing the “Note to customer” option, the customer will also be informed via email, with this note.

Booking PDF

From the sidebar, you have the option to download the customer PDF and the admin PDF. The admin PDF also includes the user information.

Customer pdf

customer pdf

When you (or the customer) would click on the product “Sydney Hostel” in this case, the user will be redirected to the frontend product page. When you click on the “order number” you will be redirected to the My Account > My orders page.

booking pdf for admin

As you can see, the same information is for the customer PDF + the user info.

When the admin clicks on the “Sydney Hostel” in this PDF, you will be redirected to the product edit page in the backend, the same goes for the “order number” you will be redirected to the order edit page in the backend.

Create a booking manually

From YITH > Booking > Dashboard > All bookings > “Create booking” you can manually add new bookings

Create-booking button

Note: this is to create a “booking”, not to create the “booking product” itself.

Create booking - modal window

You can decide to link the booking to an existing user, or a guest user. Search the booking product you want to use, add the dates, and, if enabled, the number of people, resources, services, etc.

Note: When creating a booking, all the dates included must be available and consecutive. For example, users can’t book any product or service from October 1st to October 10th if the 5th and 6th have been already booked by another customer.

Below you will see the totals of the booking, and the button to create the booking.

The “Assign to order” option lets you decide whether to link the booking to an order or not:

Assign booking to an order
  • Don’t assign this booking to any order: the booking will be created without a linked order.
  • Assign this booking to a specific order: a new field will appear where you can add the specific order number.
  • Create new order for this booking: Booking will create a new booking and a new order. After creating both of them, you’ll be redirected to the “edit order” page to see the result.
Order with booking

This is the only way to add a ‘booking product‘, to an order. You cannot add a booking product to the order from the ‘edit order’ page.

Be careful if you choose to associate an already existing order.
This could cause issues with invoice management.