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Video tutorials

In this section, you can find some video tutorials that will help you with the plugin configuration.
We have created the most common scenarios to easily understand how to configure the settings and get the expected results. Enjoy!

Stay updated: we are working very hard to publish new videos each week!

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  • Italian
  • Spanish
    • How to set up "services" to assign to your bookable products

    • How to set up availability rules

    • How to set extra costs to charge

    • How to set up "resources" for your bookable products

    • How to enable the modules you need

    • First steps and general overview

    • Set up and manage rental products

    • Allow your customers to book a medical appointment

    • How to configure a search form

    • Create a bookable product

    • How to generate and limit the Google Maps API in a simple way

    • Consenti ai tuoi clienti di prenotare una visita medica

    • Configurare e gestire prodotti a noleggio

    • Come impostare un modulo di ricerca

    • Crea un prodotto prenotabile

    • Come generare e limitare le API Key di Google Maps in modo semplice

    • Primeros pasos y visión general

    • Cómo configurar los tipos de personas de tus productos

    • Cómo establecer recursos y asignar a productos

    • Cómo activar los módulos que necesitas

    • Configurar y gestionar productos de alquiler

    • Permite a tus clientes reservar una cita médica

    • Cómo configurar un formulario de búsqueda

    • Crear un producto reservable

    • Cómo generar y restringir las API Key de Google Maps de forma sencilla