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Price rules

From YITH > Booking > Configuration > “Price rules” you can manage the global price rules of your store.

Price rules

This section only needs to be used for ‘special rules‘ when not using default product rules.

We recommend using these rules as little as possible, instead, use the default rules on the product edit page. You can learn how to do so, here.

Setting a price rule

  • Rule name: Name for internal use only, we call it.
  • Conditions: Based on what you want to apply price rules:
    • Custom date range
    • range of months
    • range of year’s weeks
    • range of days
    • people count
    • duration unit
    • time range
    • people (kids, adults etc.).
      • from-to is a range of values, the “meaning” depends on the “Type” selection
        “Adult” -> from-to is a range of number of Adults (from 1 Adult to 5 Adults)
        “Custom date rage” -> from-to is a range of dates (from 1st Jan to 5th Jan)
        “Duration unit” -> from-to is a range of duration ( from 1 day to 5 days)
  • Rule changes the base price: The base price of the products is affected by the rule
  • Rule changes the fixed base fee: The rules affect the fixed base fee of the products.
  • When enabling any of the 2 above options, you can change the price
    – increase the price by
    – decrease the price by
    – multiply the price by
    – divide the price by
    – set the price to
    – increase the price as a percentage by
    – decrease the price as a percentage by
  • Exclude products: Enable this option if you want one or more bookable products to be excluded from the rule.

    You can override the rules you created on this page, per product on the product level.

    Summer promo example

    For our ‘Summer promo’ we have decided to give the customers a discount of 10% during the summer. We selected “Range of months” to indicate the summer season, and used the decrease the base price as a percentage by” (- 10 %).

    Promo rule example

    The product’s base price is set to $100 per day, and as you can see in the example below, the price has been discounted by 10% for the booking in July (summer season). 

    Promo example