Set fixed duration for the booking

The duration of the booking can either be defined by the admin as a preset time frame or by the user through the dedicated input form in the product detail page.
PLEASE NOTE: the duration of a booking is expressed in booking units, days or months.

When the admin defines the default booking duration, users are only asked to enter the start date.

Fixed duration

Select start date

The booking end date is automatically calculated.
In this case, the booking is for 5 days.

Booking start date - fixed

Let users choose the duration

It works differently if you let your users select the duration of their booking.
First of all, you have to define your booking unit.

Booking end date - fixed duration

The booking unit allows the system to calculate the duration of the booking dynamically, based on the quantity set by users in the “Duration” field. It will be calculated as the product of two factors, the value entered by the user (3 in the screenshot below) multiplied by the booking unit set by the admin (3 in the screenshot above)

Booking units

Suppose you have set the booking unit to “3 days” (as shown in the image above), and that the user has typed “3” as the value for his booking duration, the “total duration” of the booking will be 9 days.
The end date will be automatically calculated as soon as the user selects the start date.

Booking end date

Calendar range picker

Only if you have set 1 day as booking unit (and therefore selected also the option “Customer chooses units of”), an interactive calendar will appear to let your users select the booking date.

Enable date picker

Date picker

The duration is automatically calculated.

Booking duration

To improve the performance, you can choose the number of months loaded in the calendar by enabling the option Months loaded in calendar. For example, by setting the value as 3, as suggested, the other months will load three at a time.


Minimum and maximum booking duration

If you let your users select the duration of their booking/reservation, you can set minimum and maximum values for it in the product settings page. This way you can prevent users from making a booking/reservation for longer or shorter than allowed.
If you don’t want to set any limits to the booking duration, enter “zero” into the concerned field.

Minimum and maximum duration of the booking

Let’s make an example. Suppose we want to allow bookings for the flat “Residenza Marina” in units of three days and for a maximum of 7 units (21 days, then).

To do that, we can configure the product as follows:

  • Booking duration: customer chooses units of 3 days
  • Minimum duration: 1
  • Maximum duration: 7

Configure booking duration - Example