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Ask for a booking confirmation

You can decide to enable the “Require confirmation” option so your customers will have to request a confirmation in order to be able to place a booking.

You can find this option in Booking options > Settings > Booking Terms within the product edit page.

Request confirmation

On the frontend the user will see a Request confirmation button instead of Book now.

Pending confirmation

The booking request will appear in All Bookings section and will be assigned the Pending status.

Confirm or reject the confirmation

The admin can either confirm or reject the booking request, by hovering over the status.

confirm or reject

Two options will appear to either confirm or reject the booking request.

Or you can also enter the booking itself, and change the status.

Confirm booking request

In both cases, the users are notified via email of the admin’s answer.

Emails to customers

If the booking is confirmed, the email will include a button to allow the user to pay for the booking.

confirmed booking email

By clicking on the “pay booking” button, the bookable product is automatically added to the cart and the user can complete the order.

Now the booking order is created and associated to the request that had been previously submitted.

When a booking is rejected by the admin, the customer will also receive a notification via email.

rejected booking email

There is no further action the customer can take.

Reject a pending confirmation automatically

With the option “Reject a ‘Pending confirmation’ booking after a specific time”, you can choose to automatically reject bookings with pending confirmations, when reaching an xx amount of days.

Reject options

When reaching -in this example- 15 days, the customer will automatically be notified via email about the rejected booking confirmation.

Booking without request confirmation

A booking request without confirmation is a bookable product that you can book directly. In this case, the “Require confirmation” option is disabled.

Booking without confirmation

When users place a booking, they are actually purchasing one of the products of your store.

Therefore, if all booking criteria are met (availability, duration, people), the product can be added to the cart and purchased just like any other WooCommerce product.

your booking order

And just like purchasing any other WooCommerce, once the purchase is completed a new order is created and its status varies according to the payment method used.

At the same time, the new booking is added to the “All bookings” section in YITH > Booking > Dashboard. It is automatically associated to the related order.

Unpaid booking

To open the booking and see its details, simply click on the booking number (first column) and you will see the edit booking page.

Booking related order

From within the booking edit page, you can click on “View order” to see the related order.

How to cancel a booking

If you want to allow users to cancel a booking they have already submitted, you can enable the “Allow cancellation” option from Booking Options > Settings > Booking Terms in the product edit page.

Allow cancellation option

Your users will be able to cancel their booking no later than xx days/months before the booking start date.

Users can cancel the booking from their “My Account” page on your website.

cancel booking

The admin will see the booking appear with the “Cancelled” status.

Cancelled booking

Note: The plugin does not handle any other refund option related to booking cancellation.

Booking status

The booking status is automatically changed based on the status of the associated order or on any actions performed by the user or the admin.

status colors

  • “Unpaid”: if the order status is set to “pending” or “on hold”
  • “Paid”: if the order status is set to “processing” or “completed”
  • “Cancelled”: if the user has cancelled the booking
  • “Pending”: if the booking request is waiting for admin confirmation
  • “Confirmed”: if the booking request has been confirmed by the admin
  • “Rejected”: if the booking request has been rejected by the admin
  • “Completed”: this status can either be assigned manually or automatically after a certain number of days if the option Set paid booking to “Completed” in YITH > Settings > “General settings” has been enabled.

All changes in the booking status are notified via email, you can find examples of these different emails here.

Booking status vs. order status

When the order is placed (eg. order is in ‘pending payment’) the booking is created in ‘unpaid’ status. When the order is changed to ‘completed’ or ‘processing’ the booking status automatically changes to ‘paid’. When an order is cancelled, the booking status will also change to ‘cancelled’ automatically.

The status of the booking can be adapted manually by the admin, and will be visible to the customer in the ‘Bookings’ section of their My Account page.

User view

After accessing the “My Account” page, users can verify the status anytime.

customer view status booking

Export bookings in CSV or ICS

If you want to export your bookings in CSV or ICS you can do it through the bulk actions available in the section Bookings -> All Bookings.

CSV export

First, you need to select the bookings you want to export, choose the format from the “Bulk actions” dropdown and click on Apply.


From WooCommerce > Settings > Emails you can manage the YITH Booking emails.

woocommerce booking emails

You are also able to override the default message, simply by opening the specific email you want to change.

override default text email

Booking emails include the iCal event so that Gmail shows the event in the email, if you set the email type as “Multipart/alternative”.

gmail notification calendar

Below you can find a list of email examples.

new booking confirmation email admin
New booking waiting for confirmation email admin

new booking email customer unpaid
New booking unpaid email customer

new booking email admin
New booking email admin

booking status email
Booking status email

confirmed booking email
Confirmed booking email

rejected booking email
Rejected booking email

paid booking email
Paid booking email

Cancelled booking email
Cancelled booking email

completed booking email
Completed booking email

customer booking note email
Customer booking note