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Extra costs

From the Booking Costs > “Extra costs” section, you can add an extra cost to your booking product without leaving the product edit page, the best way to manage this section is to create the extra costs first, as explained here.

Extra costs settings product page

The costs that you see in this section, are the ones that you have added from the global costs section in the plugin settings.

Fixed base fee: A pre-defined extra cost that cannot be multiplied by the duration (since it’s a fixed base fee), but, unlike other costs, it can be affected by Advanced Price Rules.

  • Cost name: Label of the cost you created in the Booking settings – Costs section.
  • Prices: For each ‘extra cost’ you created, you can specify their prices, no price will be applied if the field is empty.
  • Multiply costs by people: multiply the costs by the number of people.
  • Multiply costs by duration: multiply the costs by the booking duration.

To create a new cost, just click on the “+ Create cost” button below.

We recommend you to use this option on product level as little as possible, instead use the global costs option that you can set here.