Create a booking manually

From YITH > Booking > Dashboard > “Create booking” you can manually add new bookings

create booking button

Note: this is to create a “booking”, not to create the “booking product” itself.

create booking filled fields

You can decide to link the booking to an existing user, or a guest user. Search the booking product you want to use, add the dates and the number of people.

Below you will see the totals of the booking, and the button to create the booking.

The Assign to order” option let’s you decide to link the booking to an order or not:

assign booking to order

  • Don’t assign this booking to any order: the booking will be created without a linked order.
  • Assign this booking to a specific order: a new field will appear where you can add the specific order number.
  • Create new order for this booking: Booking will create a new booking and a new order. After creating both of them, you’ll be redirected to the “edit order” page to see the result.

assign booking to order redirect

This is the only way to add a ‘booking product‘, to an order. You cannot add a booking product to the order from the ‘edit order’ page.

Be careful if you choose to associate an already existing order.
This could cause issues with invoice management.