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Create people options globally

To start using “People” options in your bookable products, you have to enable the People module from YITH > Booking > Modules.

People module

Now, from YITH > Booking > Configuration > “People”  you can create new person types.

Person types creation

You will only have to add the name of the person type and the description (if needed), and you are done. These texts are not visible to customers.

For more information on how to use these person types in your bookings, go to this page here.

People settings in product

In the product edit page, in Booking Options > People, you will find all the options to set up people and the related additional prices in your bookable product.

First of all, just make sure you enable people management from the only option you will see here.

Enable people option

Now, you will be able to two sections, People Settings and People Types.

Step 1 – People Settings

People settings

Here you can set the minimum and maximum amount of people allowed for each booking. In case you do not want to set a limit, enter “zero”.

Also, if you enable the option Count people as separated bookings, you will be able to better manage the availability value, when set. For more details about this option, please, check this page.

If you want to manage different types of guests for your bookings, then, enable the option “Enable people types” and a new tab will appear below to set up different options and prices for each type.

Step 2 – People types and prices

Now that you’ve enabled the people types option, you will be able to see here all the types you’ve created from the global settings in YITH > Booking > Configuration > People.

Show people types

You can use the toggle to enable and disable people types for this product and sort them by drag and drop.

Now for every type, you can expand the box and configure prices.

People prices

You will find the following options:

  • Min/max availability for this people type: For example min. 1 adult and max 2 children.
  • Base price: this is a cost that will be multiplied by the booking duration.
  • Base fee: this is a fixed cost for each person type added to the booking, regardless of the number of people of the same type selected.

Please, note: to make sure the ‘Base price’ and the ‘Base fee’ are applied, you will need to enable the “Multiply by the number of people” options in the Costs section.

Additionally, if you set a base price and/or a base fee cost per person, these will automatically override the general base price and/or base fee cost set in the Costs tab.

Product global base price and base fee

For more details about the layout options available for displaying the people fields on the product page, please, refer to this page.

How to enable people count as separated bookings

To better manage your booking products, the plugin gives you the possibility to count every person as a different booking until the number of bookings per unit is reached.

To do so, you need to enable the option Count people as separated bookings”, from the ‘Booking people’ section.

Count people as separate bookings

Once you reach the unit that you have configured, the product will no longer be bookable. A message will show to inform users about the maximum number of people allowed for the booking.

not bookable to many people
Example weekend boat tour
Boat tour - booking settings

Book units of 1 day(s) with the ‘full day booking’ enabled.

Base price - 150 for 1 day

The base price per day is $150.

Bookable only during weekends

The tour is only available on Saturday and Sunday, and for a maximum of 50 people per day.

Min/max people, counted as separated bookings

We changed the following settings:

  • Activate “Enable people option”
  • Minimum number of people: 1
  • Maximum number of people: 50
  • Activate the option Count people as separated bookings”.

Now all the people booking the Boat Tour will be counted as separated bookings until the maximum number (50) will be reached.

warning message no availablility

You will get a message when the customer wants to add more than 50 people, or when already an xx amount of people have booked, and there are not enough places left.

The admin can check in his calendar the status of the booking, to see how many units are left for the boat tour that day.

availability calendar admin

The admin can see the “availability left” only if he is seeing the calendar of a specific product (You need to filter the calendar for a specific product to see the availability left). To learn more about this calendar view for the admin, check out this page.