Ask for a booking confirmation

How to request booking confirmation

You can request your users a booking confirmation by checking the “Confirmation required” box.

confirmation-required (1)In this case, the “Add to cart” button on the product page is replaced by a different button that allows users to send a booking request.

confirmation-required-frontendThe booking is added to the “Bookings” section and will be assigned the “Pending Confirmation” status.

The admin can either confirm or reject the booking request, by simply changing its status to “Confirmed” or “Rejected”.


pending-confirmation-set-confirmed-allIn both cases, users are notified of the admin’s answer.
If the booking is confirmed, the email will contain a button to allow the user to go on and pay.


confirmed-booking-emailBy clicking on it, the “Booking” product is automatically added to the cart and the user can complete the order.

Now the booking order is created and associated to the request that had been previously submitted.

How to reject pending confirmation automatically

With the option Reject booking (days), you can reject automatically those bookings with pending confirmations when reaching the number of days you have previously configured.


With the Complete paid bookings (days) option, the paid bookings will be set to completed automatically, as soon as the End Date has been exceeded by the specified number of days. Leave blank to disable.

Please note: it doesn’t take into account hours/minutes since the check is executed daily.