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Cost per booking person

To edit the costs based on the total number of people, enable the option “Multiply by the number of people” that you can find in Booking Options > Costs > Standard Prices section in the product.

Multiply cost by people

In order to be able to add specific prices for people, you have to enable the ‘People’ option from the People section. For more details on the settings, you can refer to this page here.

Enable people options on product

From this section, you can set the prices per person type. The prices that you add here will override the prices set in the Costs tab.

people types and costs

In the example above, we did not change the base price for adults, for teenagers we have set a base price of $50 and for children $25.

Booking example with people types

As you can see, the base prices that we have set for the people types (teenager and child), override the base price of $100.

Costs per ‘people type’ will be calculated before any possible “global or product rules” are applied.