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From YITH > Booking > Dashboard > “Calendar” you can see a calendar overview with all placed bookings.

Bookings calendar

You can filter by:

  • Product
  • Resource (requires the Resource module to be enabled)
  • Date and year
  • Month or day: You use the ‘Daily view‘ for hourly and/or per-minute bookings; you use the “Monthly view” for daily bookings.

Using the arrows beside the ‘month/day’ header, you can switch easily to the previous/next month or day.

You can also search for any terms available in the booking details.

monthly view
Bookings example in calendar
daily view
Bookings - daily view

Each booking that is placed will be visible directly in the calendar, the color of the booking indicates the status of the booking.

Booking status
status colors

If you want to change the name of the shown booking (show only name, only product etc.), you can! Please check the specific settings on this page here.

Availability left

If you want to know how many seats, rooms, beds etc. are left for a certain booking product, that is possible! You can simply filter the product you want to see, select monthly view or daily view, select date, and hit “filter”. 

Monthly view
days left in calendar
daily view
Availibility left daily view

The calendar view only shows the selected product and its availability in the header of the specific day or time.

Note: This filter can only be applied to booking products that have the “Max bookings per unit” option greater than one.

Calendar by resource

From this view, you can also filter bookings by the selected resources and see a calendar of the specific resource.

This is very useful, for example, if your resources are staff members and you want them to see an updated calendar of their day.

Filter calendar by resource