View Product Page

Edit booking page

From the ‘All bookings’ list, you can click on the booking ID number to enter the edit booking page.

Open booking details

You have oversight of the booking details and the possibility to edit them. You can change the booking date and duration:

Edit booking date

Note: the admin should double-check the availability before changing the date because the calendar used on this page does not indicate the availability.

You can also edit the number of people and the booking services:

Edit people and services

Add notes

Another useful option is to add notes to the booking. These can either be private notes (only visible to the admin) or notes shared with the customer.

Add booking notes

To distinguish them, you can see them in different colors, light grey for private notes, and light yellow for notes to customer.

When choosing the “Note to customer” option, the customer will also be informed via email, with this note.

Booking PDF

From the sidebar, you have the option to download the customer PDF and the admin PDF. The admin PDF also includes the user information.

Customer pdf

customer pdf

When you (or the customer) would click on the product “Sydney Hostel” in this case, the user will be redirected to the frontend product page. When you click on the “order number” you will be redirected to the My Account > My orders page.

booking pdf for admin

As you can see, the same information is for the customer PDF + the user info.

When the admin clicks on the “Sydney Hostel” in this PDF, you will be redirected to the product edit page in the backend, the same goes for the “order number” you will be redirected to the order edit page in the backend.