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How to add global costs

To start using “Costs” options in your bookable products, you have to enable the Extra costs and discounts module from YITH > Booking > Add-ons > Modules.

Extra costs and discounts module

From YITH > Booking > Configuration > “Costs” you can manage the titles of global costs you want to add to your booking products.


You will only have to add the name of the cost and the description (if needed), and you are done. The title is visible for customers if you enable the ‘Totals’ (you’ll see the costs in totals, with their titles). The description will not be shown anywhere.

This  is a nice tool to use for global costs, like a certain tax or cleaning fee. This way, when you add the costs to the booking products they all appear in the same way.

For example, you want to add costs for the end-cleaning on all rooms. Using this option you can see the same title on all products: “Cleaning fee”. Instead of seeing “cleaning fee” for room A and “cleaning costs” for room B.

Note: You cannot set prices from this tab, this is just a way of creating labels for costs. You can set prices for costs on the product edit page.