Google Map API KEYS

To set the location for your products, the plugin uses Google Maps services. So the first step is to insert the“Google Maps API Key”.
Access Google, go to, and click on “Get a key”.

Google Maps API KEy authentication

After selecting the project, in the next step, you will obtain the key required by the plugin

Google Map API KEY

Copy and paste the key intoYITH Plugins -> Bookings -> Google Maps API Key.



Now access the product, type in the name of the location you wish to select and you are done.

Select location

You can set set 2 different API Keys for:

  1. Google Maps API Key
  2. Google Maps Geocode API Key

Google api key settings

To set them correctly, you should to create 2 different API Keys in Google Console:

1. The Google Maps API Key can be restricted through HTTP referrers.

api key settings google

2. The Google Maps Geocode API Key can be restricted through IP addresses

api key settings google