How to enable people count as separated bookings

To better manage your booking products, the plugin gives you the possibility to count every person as a different booking until the number of bookings per unit is reached. To do it, you need to enable the option Count people as separated bookings as shown below.

count-peopleOnce reached the unit configured, the product will be no longer bookable and a message will show to users to inform them of the maximum allowed number of people for the booking.


Let’s make an example:

we have created a Boat Tour available to 50 persons per day with a cost of $150 per day from Monday to Friday and $200 per day on Saturday and Sunday.




We set the Availability as follows:


We have activated Enable people optionset the Minimum number of people to 1, the Maximum number of people to 50 and checked the option Count people as separated bookings.


Now all the people booking the Boat Tour will be counted as separated bookings until the maximum number (50) will be reached. For additional bookings, the form will show a message as previously described.