Combine more rules of availability

When you decide to configure availability in the product, you’ll have to consider that these settings will override global availability rules, if any.
Rules can, then, combine with each other based on the following order:

  • First to be processed: global rules, from top to bottom.
  • Second: the system processes the rules set in the product, from top to bottom.

This implies that at the same time frame more availability rules can apply.


Let’s make an example to better understand how to configure booking availability. Suppose we want to configure a rule that complies with the following conditions:

  • Users can book no date between June and August for no “booking” product in the store.
  • Availability for the product “Appartement Opéra” must be removed in September and October.
  • The product “Appartement Opéra” must be available for booking in June (unlike the other bookable products in the store).

In order to apply the first condition that we want to be valid for all the products of our store, we can create a global rule, as shown in the picture below.



In order to apply the second and the third conditions, we have to edit the settings within the product “Appartement Opéra”, which will be processed by the system after the global ones that have been already configured.