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Combine more rules of availability

As mentioned before, we strongly recommend to use the default product availability as much as you can.

However, it might occur that you need to set company-wide rules, besides your default product rules. In this case, the global rules that you set, will override the default product availability.

On the other hand, if you want to make an exception to the global rules, you can use the ‘Additional availability rules’ in the product edit page.

So, what is the order exactly?

  • First: The global availability rules, from top to bottom (which override the default availability).
  • Second: The additional rules set in the product edit page, from top to bottom (which override the global availability rules).

This implies that at the same time frame more availability rules can apply.

Example case – Paris room

The default availability for our Paris room, is that it is bookable during the complete year.

set default availability

However, now we have 3 separate rules we want to apply:

  1. Each year, during the winter months (December, January, February), it is not possible to book any of our rooms.
  2. Due to renovations, the Paris room is not bookable in November 2021.
  3. Due to Valentines day, the Paris room is bookable in February each year, unlike the rest of the rooms.

Rule 1 – Winter months closure

global availability example

This needs to be a global availability rule, as this closure applies to the complete store. We have set all dates from 1 December to 1 March as ‘not bookable’.

available global frontend example

Rule 2  – Renovation closure for Paris room

add available rules product example1

Because this rule will only apply to this specific bookable product and for this specific date, we create an ‘additional availability rule’ for a ‘specific date’, within the product edit page.

closure example product rules 1

Rule 3 – Valentines day month

open valentines month

Because this rule only applies to this specific bookable product, every year, we crate another ‘additional availability rule’ – ‘generic dates’, within the product edit page.

Closure example product rule2

As you can see in this last calendar, the rules we have created on product level override the global availability rules.