Booking services

Services can be added to each booking optionally or not, increasing (or not) the total cost. Let’s see how to create a new service and enable it on our “Booking” product.

How to create a new service

In order to access the services area, go to“Bookings -> Booking Services”: on the left, you will find the area dedicated to creating a new service, on the right you will find a list

Service cost for person type

Insert the required information and configure the settings available

  • “name”: the service name.
  • “price”: the service cost’.
  • “optional”: if this option is disabled, the service is automatically included in the booking.
  • “hidden”: If this option is active, the service will be hidden from the customers’ view.
  • “hidden search forms”: possibility to hide services in Search Forms only.
  • “multiply cost by units selected”: If this option is active, the cost of the service is multiplied times the duration unit specified in the booking.
  • “multiply cost by people”: if this option is active, the cost of the service is multiplied times the number of people.
  • “price for…”: if you enabled people management, and added several types of people, you will be able to set the service price for each one of them.
  • “Has quantity” if you want to allow a quantity selection for this service.

With the min/max quantity options, you can choose the minimum and/or the maximum number of services. Leave max quantity empty for unlimited.

booking services

How to add a service to the “Booking” product

Now you can open the product and, from the “Booking Services” section, find and select the service you wish to add, from the list of the existing ones.


From this section, you can also create new services just like in the Services area.

booking-services2All of the selected services (unless they are marked as “hidden”) are visible on the product page.



How to show the service prices

Go to YITH Plugins -> Booking -> Settings and enable “Show price for services”. This will allow service prices to be displayed in the tooltip.



How to show included services

If you want to show the included services in the booking form, you have to enable the option Show included services from the plugin Booking Form settings. On the contrary, by disabling the option, you can use the following shortcode [booking_services type=included] and show the included services anywhere on the page. e.g. in the product description.

included services

bookingincludedservices (2)

How to show services description.

If you want to show the description of the services you offer for your booking products, you need to enable the option Show description for services from the plugin settings Booking->Booking Form.


The description must be added to the related field in the section Bookings->Booking Services when creating a new service or by editing one already available.