Can I select the quantity for a bookable product?

By default, this is not possible, as the bookable product has availability options that work differently from quantity.

Yet, if this is a required option, you can consider the following workaround and have the booking product work with quantity exactly as any other standard WooCommerce product. Please, read more about how to configure this here.

Is it possible to manage hourly stock for each booking?

No, unfortunately, the plugin does not manage any stock, neither for bookings of several days nor for hourly slots. Yet, you can benefit from the option called Maximum Booking per Unit that lets you set a maximum number of booking per day or per hour. Please, note that the maximum number of available bookings cannot change at different times of the day. If you set it to 3, you can accept 3 bookings at 10am, 3 bookings at 11am, but there’s no way to set it to 4 bookings at 12pm. Read more about how to configure this option on this page.

If you need to have different availability for different times of the day, the only available workaround is to activate the Request confirmation option in the booking product detail. This way, the admin will be able to manually approve a given number of bookings for each day or hourly slots based on his/her needs or preference. To read more about this, please refer to this page.