Create a new search form

Showing a search form helps users to quickly find the stay (or any other bookable product) that best meets their needs.

The plugin allows you to create endless search forms that can be later added in a widget or shown by means of a shortcode.

To create a new search form, click on “Bookings > Search Forms > Add search form”.

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Search fields can be enabled/disabled by simply clicking on the dedicated icon.


Search form categories

If you enable the “Categories” field in the search form, you can give your users the possibility to filter search results based on the selected category.
By default, all WooCommerce product categories can be selected, except for empty ones.

Yet, if you wanted to make only some of them selectable, you can just go to “YITH Plugins > Booking” and select the categories you want to include in the search form from the “Booking Categories” menu.