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Export bookings in CSV or ICS

If you want to export your bookings in CSV or ICS you can do it through the bulk actions available in the section Bookings -> All Bookings.

export bookings

First you need to select the bookings you want to export, choose the format from the “Bulk actions” dropdown and click on Apply.


From WooCommerce > Settings > Emails you can manage the YITH Booking emails.

woocommerce booking emails

You are also able to override the default message, simply by opening the specific email you want to change.

override default text email

Booking emails include the iCal event so that Gmail shows the event in the email, if you set the email type as “Multipart/alternative”.

gmail notification calendar

Below you can find a list of email examples.

new booking confirmation email admin
New booking waiting for confirmation email admin
new booking email customer unpaid
New booking unpaid email customer
new booking email admin
New booking email admin
booking status email
Booking status email
confirmed booking email
Confirmed booking email
rejected booking email
Rejected booking email
paid booking email
Paid booking email
Cancelled booking email
Cancelled booking email
completed booking email
Completed booking email
customer booking note email
Customer booking note


YITH Booking includes 2 Gutenberg blocks.

Bookable products

The ‘Bookable product’ widget adapts itself to the theme that you use.

Gutenberg bookging blocks

You can manage the selection of product shown by type:

  • Newest
  • Hand picked products
  • Product categories
  • Top rated

You can also decide the number of columns and rows you want to show in the block.

Booking form

With the ‘Booking form’ block, you will be able to print a form for one specific product, so it can be displayed on any page on your site (not just the product page) from where the customer can select the dates and add the product to the cart in few clicks.

Booking form

Search for “Booking form” among the Gutenberg blocks.

Then, you will be able to select a product (you can type the product name) from the Block settings on the right hand side.

The block includes also the following options:

  • Show title: show the product name
  • Title heading tag: you can select the style of the title
  • Show rating: this shows the product rating
  • Show meta: enable to show the meta section, containing SKU, categories and tags.
  • Use full-width button: enable it if you want that the booking Add to cart button uses the full width of the block.


YITH WooCommerce Review Reminder

With the YITH WooCommerce Review Reminder plugin, you can increase the number of reviews on the products of your shop. An email will be sent to users through an automatic system, to invite them to review one or more products they purchased.

By integrating these two plugins, you will be able to send a review reminder email to users who purchased a bookable product to invite them to leave a review about their experience.

You can find the email settings in YITH > Review Reminder > Email Settings > “Email body for booking products”.

Review reminder for booking products

You can customize the email body and use the available placeholders: {site_title}, {customer_name}, {customer_email}, {order_id}, {order_date}, {order_date_completed}, {order_list}, {days_ago}, {unsubscribe_link}.

For further details about the settings of YITH WooCommerce Review Reminder, please refer to the official documentation.