Hourly bookings

For appointments, lessons, courses and all those bookings which duration can be configured by hours, you need to select Hour(s) in the booking duration.


After setting the price per hour in the Base price for 1 hour of the Booking costs section, you can start managing the availability for your booking products. In addition to the standard options, the hourly booking feature also allows setting the Daily start time. Through this option, the plugin processes only the times configured, excluding the others, so to improve the performance.



Let’s suppose you have a hair salon and accept appointments for haircuts every day, except for Sunday and Monday, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. In this case, you need to create three additional availability rules: the first, to set the product as non-bookable from January to December through Generic dates; the second, to set the times for your morning appointments: set the generic dates from January to December, enable the options Add extra rules for specific days of the week and Add extra rules for specific time ranges of the day, click on Monday and Sunday to turn them into non-bookable then configure the times for your working days. Now create the third rule to configure the afternoon appointments: set the generic dates from January to December, enable the options Add extra rules for specific days of the week and Add extra rules for specific time ranges of the day and repeat the same procedure described for the second rule.



For hourly bookings, the plugin adds the possibility to disable the day if no time is available. By enabling the option Disable day if no time is available in YITH > Booking > Booking Form section, the calendar will show up to 3 months.


To view and edit hourly bookings on your calendar, you only need to click on Day. This is the daily calendar view as an admin.



This is how the form is shown to users when selecting their appointment.



Time increment for hourly bookings

By default, the time increment for hourly bookings is 1 hour.

On the contrary, by enabling the option Time increment based on duration, the increment will be the same as the booking duration. Therefore, for a two-hour booking, the times shown will be 8:00; 10:00; 12:00; etc.

Moreover, you can also enable the option Time increment including buffer that adds the buffer to the time increment based on duration.


We’ve created a one-hour booking and set the Buffer to 1 hour. We activated both options Time increment based on duration and Time increment including buffer.

time-increment-hourly-bookingThe availability will consider both the booking duration (1 hour) and the configured buffer time (1 hour) and will show as below.