Page options

Within the ‘Request quote page’ tab you will find 2 tabs:

Request quote page options


  • Request a quote page: Choose the page where users will see the list of products added to the quote and from where they can send the request.

If you don’t select the default (request quote) page, please insert the following shortcode: [yith_ywraq_request_quote]

  • Page layout: Decide to show the request form and products underneath each other, or beside each other.
  • Show form even with empty list: Show the form inside the quote page even it the list is empty, so the customer can use it to contact the admin for example.
  • Title before form: An optional title to show above the form


  • In product table, show: The product list visible in quote request page:
    • Product images
    • Product prices
    • Product SKU
    • Quantity
    • Total amount of single products
    • Total amount of all products
  • Show “Return to shop” button: Return to shop from quote request page.
  • “Return to shop” label: You can rename button text.
  • “Return to shop” URL: Link to the page you will return to.


  • Show “Update list” button: Enable to show ‘update list’ button .
  • “Update list” label: You can rename the button text.
  • Show “Clear list” button: To clear the complete list.
  • After request sending, show: 
    • A simple message (set by you).
    • A detail page of quote request
    • A specific ‘Thank you’ page (you can choose from pages you have already created).
  • Text to show after request sending: Simple message to show after submitting request.
  • “Return to shop” label after request sending: You can rename the button text.
  • “Return to shop” URL: Link to the page you will return to.