What to show after a quote is sent

From the “Request quote page” > “Page options” settings you can decide what will be shown to the user after he has send his quote request. There are 3 possible actions:

  • Users see a pre-set text message;
  • Users see a detail page of the quote request;
  • Redirect users to a specific thank-you page.
Text message – settings

After submitting the quote request, the page will be cleared and the message that you give in here will be shown.

Text message settings

You can also edit the text of the ‘return to shop’ button and add the redirect URL. In this example we’ve added the %quote_number% placeholder to link the quote details.

Text message Example

example simple text

detail page of quote request – settings

quote details

example detail page

detail page

The text shown in the red block is a general text, shown on all new quote requests in ‘My account > quote details’. You can edit this text from the ‘Quote options’ tab, as explained here.

thank you page – settings

You can create a special thank you page (or select any other page) that will be shown after the quote has been send.

thank you page

Example thank you page

thank you page example