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Quote payment

Within the ‘Quote options’ section you will find 5 tabs:

Within the ‘Quote payment’ tab you can choose to let the customer pay directly for the order, override checkout fields, shipping costs, or lock editing of checkout fields.

The admin can set the default values of these settings from this page, so when a new quote is created they are already set inside the quote detail.
If you want to change them for a particular quote you can override them easily inside the quote (as explained here).

Quote payment settings

Redirect the user to “Pay for Quote” page

  • If billing and shipping fields are filled > you can send the customer directly to the “Pay for Quote” Page. On this page, neither billing nor shipping information will be requested (because it is already known).
  • If billing and shipping are empty > the user will be redirected to the default Checkout page.

Override checkout fields with the billing and shipping info of all orders

Pick one of the following options:

    • Override Billing and Shipping info: both billing and shipping information will be loaded on checkout.
    • Override Billing info: if you have edited only the billing data.
    • Override Shipping info: if you have edited only the shipping data.
    • Do not override Billing and Shipping info: if you haven’t made any changes to them.

Override shipping costs

Do you want to prevent the user from using a different shipping method, rather than the one you suggest in the quote?

  • Enable Override Shipping: if you want users to be charged only the shipping fee added to the quote.
  • Disable Override Shipping: if you want to charge both costs, the shipping costs in the quote and the general ones set up for your shop.

On the checkout page, after accepting the quote, the user will view the shipping cost details without the possibility to select any other shipping method enabled on the store.

Lock the editing of checkout fields

Before sending the quote, choose whether to give the user the possibility to edit the data you have entered on the checkout page or not.