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Guide to use free version

Free version of YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote allows shop users to send quote requests by selecting one or more products (both simple and variable products) of your shop. Administartor will receive the request by email, whereas the plugin doesn’t provide for any sending. Administrator must recover users’ email to reply to their request.
Below we analyze how a quote request is calculated and all the plugin features.

General options

Within the ‘General options’ section you will find two tabs:

  • General options
  • Buttons and labels

general settings free

  • Hide “Add to cart” button: decide to either show or hide the button on ALL products.
  • Hide prices: decide to either show or hide the prices on ALL products.
  • “Add to quote” position on single product page: Inline or underneath the ‘Add to cart’ button.
  • After clicking on “Add to quote” the user: Sees a link to the ‘quote request list’ or will be redirected to the ‘quote request list’ directly.

Buttons and Labels

Within the ‘General options’ section you will find two tabs:

  • General options
  • Buttons and labels

Buttons & Labels

Within the ‘Buttons & Labels’ tab you will be able to change the style, colors and texts of the buttons and labels.

button and label free

You can either choose for a button or textual link for the “Add to quote” button and the “Request a quote” button.

link or button

If you choose the ‘Button‘ option, you can change the colors (background, text, hover) of both the ‘Add to quote’ and ‘Request a quote’ buttons. If you choose the ‘link‘, it will be shown as a normal link and it will get the style of the links of your theme.

The plugin also offers options to change the text of several labels:
  • “Add to quote” label
  • “Product added to the list” label
  • “Product already in the list” label
  • “Browse the list” label

Quote request page

When a product has been added to the quote, after clicking on button “Add to quote”, it is added to the list that user can see in the “Request a Quote” page.
This page is generated during plugin activation and includes shortcode “[yith_ywraq_request_quote]“, through which a chart of products selected by user will be displayed.

Request a quote page free

You can find the settings of this page in YITH > Request a Quote > Request a Quote Page.

  • Request a quote page: Choose the page where users will see the list of products added to the quote and from where they can send the request.

If you don’t select the default (request quote) page, please insert the following shortcode: [yith_ywraq_request_quote]

  • Page layout: Decide to show the request form and products underneath each other, or beside each other.
  • Show “Update list” button: Enable to show ‘update list’ button .
  • “Update list” label: You can rename the button text.

Add privacy policy free

  • Add privacy policy: Enable the option to add a privacy policy.
  • Request a quote Privacy Policy Label: Titel of the Privacy Policy (use the [terms] and [privacy_policy] shortcode if you want to).
  • Request a quote Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy text (Use the [terms] and [privacy_policy] shortcodes).

Quote request sending and receiving

Within the “Request a quote” page, there is a form that the user can fill out to request a quote for the list of products. The form will be sent to the shop administrator.

Ask for quote

The email that is sent to administrator includes the list of products selected by the customer, their data and an possible message, if added in the form.

quote email free admin


The free plugin does not provide for any auto reply system. The administrator must send the quote to the email address received with the form, there is no option to manage it from the backend (that is a premium feature).

Button”Add to cart”

To remove the “Add to cart” button on ALL products in your store, you can activate the option “Hide “Add to cart” buttons” that you will find in the ‘general options’ tab.

price and add to cart free

You can also decide not to show prices on ALL products, by enabling or disabling the “Hide prices” option.

This way, only a “Request a quote” button will be shown, and your customers are able to ask for a price estimate instead of checkout directly.

Email customization

With the free version of the plugin, only one “new” email is added to the WooCommerce default ones. You can find it in WooCommerce > Settings > Emails.

Request a quote free email

The default email template for quote requests can be customised for some fields. After clicking on the tab Emails, click on the specific “Email to request a quote”.

Edit free request a quote email

The template can be edited using the tools directly available in the general email settings.  You will find these options at the bottom:

Email template options