General options

Within the ‘General options’ section you will find two tabs:

General options

General 1

  • Show “Add to quote” button to: Decide to show the button to:
    • All users
    • Only logged users
    • Only guest users.
  • Selected user roles that can see the ‘Add to quote’ button: Decide if all user roles can see the button, or only specific roles.
    • User roles that can see the ‘Add to quote’ button: Choose the user roles that can see the button.

General settings 2

  • Show “Add to quote” on: 
    • All products (except the products you have selected in the exclusion list)
    • Only show the button on products that you have selected in the exclusion list.
  • “Add to quote” in out of stock products: 
    • Show it on all products, also out of stock products.
    • Show it only on out of stock products.
    • Hide it on out of stock products.
  • Show “Add to quote” on single product pages: The button will be visible on the single product page.
  • “Add to quote” position on single product page: Inline or underneath the ‘Add to cart’ button.

button position

  • Hide “Add to cart” buttons: Hide the button on ALL products.
  • Hide prices: Hide product prices on ALL products.

Price and button settings

(It is not possible to select on which products to show/hide the ‘add to cart’ button and price with the YITH Request a Quote plugin, you will need our YITH Catalog Mode plugin to manage when to show/hide these options.)

General 3

  • Show “Add to quote” in other WooCommerce pages: In category pages, shop pages, etc.
  • Show “Add to quote” in WooCommerce Blocks: In WooCommerce Gutenberg Blocks.
  • Show “Add to quote” on Checkout page: The customer will be able to convert the checkout into a quote request without being redirected to the quote page. This is how the button will appear on the Checkout page:

button on checkout

  • After clicking on “Add to quote” the user: Sees a link to the ‘quote request list’ or will be redirected to the ‘quote request list’ directly.