Quotes in “My Account”

Within the ‘Quote options’ section you will find 4 tabs:

Quote options in “My Account”

quote my account options 1

  • Quotes endpoint label: You can rename the text of the endpoint
  • Additional label for the new quotes status: Optional text to show near the “New quote request” status in the “My Account” page.
  • Default text to show in all new quotes requests: Additional text to show in “My Account”, in all new quotes.
  • Hide product prices in all new quote details: Product prices are hidden in the new quote requests in “My Account”.
  • Show “Reorder” button on “My Account” page: Show the button “Order again” on “My Account” page
  • “Reorder” label: You can rename te text of the button.

Quote options

Within the ‘Quote options’ section you will find 4 tabs:

Quote options

quote options 1

  • When a user send a quote request: Either automatically generate an order (recommended) or only receive a notification email and manage the quote manually.
  • Set an expiry time for quote: Set an expiry time for all quotes sent.
    • All quotes will expire after: xx days

It is possible to override the expiry date for the quote inside each quote (WooCommerce > Orders > Quote request.

Strikethrough on original prices in quotes

  • Strikethrough on original prices on discounted quote: To show the original prices with strikethrough on quotes if they have been discounted by the admin.

shipping options quote

  • Add default shipping fee to quote: To apply the general shipping fee, set up for your shop.
  • Enable the option to add multiple shipping cost: Possibility to manually apply more than one shipping fee to the quote. The total will be shown on the quote offer.

accept options

  • Generate and send quotes automatically: Send an automatic quote with product prices. This option is useful if you hide prices in your shop and want to send a quote with all prices only to users that sends a quote request.
    • Send automatically the quote after: xx minutes, hours, days
  • Show “Accept” button on quote: The “Accept” button is visible in the email received by the user and in “My Account” page.
  • “Accept” label: You can rename the button text.
  • Redirect after accepting quote: After clicking on the “Accept” link, choose to which page the user will be redirected.

quote options 3

  • Show “Reject” button on quote: The “Reject” button is visible in the email received by the user and in “My Account” page.
  • “Reject” label: You can rename the button text.
  • Block cart content after accepting a quote: Prevent to add additional products to the cart after accepting the quote.
  • When a user accepts a quote, he can pay: Choose which payment method to accept especially for quote payments. Allow all gateways enabled in WooCommerce or allow only a specific one.
    • Gateways accepted for quote payment: Choose the payment method(s) to accept for quote payments.

Automatic quotes

Create a store with automatic quote generation. Your users can send quote requests and will receive an automatic quote with the total price calculated. This option is useful if you do not want to show prices, but you want to share them only if users get in touch with you.

enable automatic

Generate and send quotes automatically: Enable this option to let the plugin automatically send an email with the quote to customers who send a quote request.

Start a cron every: with this option you can decide when the automatic quote email will be sent to your users. This can either be minutes, hours or days. Set 0 if you want to sent the quote immediately.

We suggest setting it to 4 or 5 hours to make the quote look more realistic, as if there is a person behind it. You can set it to “0” but please consider that this will make your users immediately understand that there’s a robot (and not a person who cares about them) behind the quote. This could make the quote and added discount lose part of its marketing efficacy.

Quote PDF

Within the ‘Quote options’ section you will find 4 tabs:

Quote PDF

You will find two sections, the “Quote PDF” settings and the “PDF Layout” settings. In the first section you can enable the following options:

quote pdf options

  • Allow quotes to be downloaded as PDF: Download the quote in a PDF version from the “My Account” page
  • PDF file name: Enter a name to identify the PDF quote. Customers see this name when they download or open the file. It is possible to use %quote_number% to use the number of the quote and %rand% to add a random number.
  • Enable pagination in PDF: Add pagination numbers at the end of the PDF quote, if the quote has more than 1 page.
  • Attach a PDF version to the quote email: Download a PDF version of the quotes.

PDF Layout

In the second section you will be able to edit the following options:

pdf quote 2

  • PDF layout based on a:
    • Table: Table allows adding content to the HTML table.
    • DIV: it replaces the HTML table with DIVs (use this to avoid some issues with pagination).
  • Logo: Choose the image that you want to use as logo. Pick it from your media library or upload it here.
  • Sender info text PDF quote: Your company/shop information that will appear on top of the quote document as sender information.
  • Show quote author: Information of the person who sent the quote will be shown in PDF header (make sure the user profile is filled).
  • In product table show this info: Info shown in the product list:
    • All
    • Product thumbnail
    • Product name
    • Unit price
    • Quantity
    • Product subtotal

pdf quote 3

  • Hide “Total price row”: Hide the “Total Price Row” in the product list.
  • Show “Accept | Reject” links: Adds a link to accept or reject the quote into the PDF. To show both links be sure to also enable the option in the “Quote options” tab.
  • Optional text in PDF quote footer: Additional text content to show in the footer area of the PDF Quote.
  • Hide product list in e-mail content when a PDF quote is attached: Hide product list in the content of the PDF version is attached to the email.
PDF example

pdf example

As you can see, the company logo is visible, the sender info text (from) and the accept/reject links.

Quote payment

Within the ‘Quote options’ section you will find 4 tabs:

Within the ‘Quote payment’ tab you can choose to let the customer pay directly for the order, override checkout fields, shipping costs or lock editing of checkout fields.

The admin can set the default values of these settings from this page, so when a new quote is created they are already set inside the quote detail.
If you want change them for a particular quote you can override them easily inside the quote (as explained here).

Quote payment

Redirect the user to “Pay for Quote” page

  • If billing and shipping fields are filled > you can send the customer directly to the “Pay for Quote” Page. In this page, neither billing nor shipping information will be requested (because it is already known).
  • If billing and shipping are empty > the user will be redirected to the default Checkout page.

Override checkout fields with the billing and shipping info of all orders

Pick one of the following options:

    • Override Billing and Shipping info: Both billing and shipping information you gave in will be loaded on checkout.
    • Override Billing info: If you have edited only the billing data.
    • Override Shipping info: If you have edited only the shipping data.
    • Do not override Billing and Shipping info: If you haven’t made any changes to them.

Override shipping costs

Do you want to prevent the user to use a different shipping method, rather than the one you suggest them in the quote?

  • Enable Override Shipping: If you want users to be charged only the shipping fee added to the quote
  • Disable Override Shipping: If you want to charge both costs, the shipping costs in the quote and the general ones set up for your shop.

On the checkout page, after accepting the quote, the user will view the shipping cost details without the possibility to select any other shipping method enabled on the store.

Lock the editing of checkout fields

Before sending the quote, choose whether to give the user the possibility to edit the data you have entered on the checkout page or not.