Automatic quotes

Create a store with automatic quote generation. Your users can send quote requests and will receive an automatic quote with the total price calculated. This option is useful if you do not want to show prices, but you want to share them only if users get in touch with you.

enable automatic

Generate and send quotes automatically: Enable this option to let the plugin automatically send an email with the quote to customers who send a quote request.

Start a cron every: with this option you can decide when the automatic quote email will be sent to your users. This can either be minutes, hours or days. Set 0 if you want to sent the quote immediately.

We suggest setting it to 4 or 5 hours to make the quote look more realistic, as if there is a person behind it. You can set it to “0” but please consider that this will make your users immediately understand that there’s a robot (and not a person who cares about them) behind the quote. This could make the quote and added discount lose part of its marketing efficacy.