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Incoming quote request

What will happen when a new quote request has been sent? From YITH > Request a Quote >Quote options” you can choose between two options:

  • save the request as an order with the status “New quote request” and send an email to the site admin (recommended).
  • only send an email to the site admin.

Save quote requests as ordersChoosing the recommended option, when a new quote request is received, it will appear on the WooCommerce Orders page, but next to it you’ll find a label that clearly shows that it is a quote request.


Quotes in Orders page

Inside the quote request

To see the details of the new incoming quote request, simply click on it to open it.

orders oversight

You can now read and edit the details. The Quote detail page is divided into 3 sections:

  • Customer details
  • Requested products
  • Quote options

Customer details

The first section includes customer’s details. Click on Load billing address or Load shipping address to load the information saved to the customer’s account from previous orders.

Customer details

Requested products

The second section contains the products that are added to the quote request.

Requested products

Quote options

The third section has four subsections:

  • Customer’s request: The message sent by the user .
  • Quote general options: Add additional texts, attachments and expiration date.
  • Quote payment options: Add “Pay now” option, shipping costs, override settings.
  • Check quote before sending: Send a test email and/or preview PDF.
Customer’s request

cuetomers request

Check the details the customer filled in when sending his quote request (the form fields).

Quote general options
Quote general options

Add additional texts to the email that you send, you can add an attachment and set an expiry date for this specific quote (that will override the general settings). For further details about this set of options, please go to this page.

QUote payment options

Quote payment optioons

Choose to let the customer pay directly for the order, override checkout fields, shipping costs or lock editing of checkout fields.

Check quote before sending

check quote

Do you wish to see the result of your settings?  Send a test email to your email address and get a preview of the PDF.

By clicking on ‘Send quote’ the quote will be send to the customer.

Product editing

Check the list of products in the request.

edit product in quote (1)

Click on the pencil icon next to each item to edit the quantity and the price of each of them. You can offer your customers the exact price you have in mind.


Add a custom item meta that will show inside the PDF, cart page and checkout page. This meta should start with “RAQ_”.

add meta and discount

In this example we add a meta and we lower the price to 500$ total.

save changes product quote

By clicking on ‘Save’ all changes are added and shown in the oversight.

Did you decrease a price? You see the original strikethrough price and the new discounted price. The email and/or PDF document that users receive show the total discount just before the total price.

Example discount meta

The original price and discounted price are visible, just like the added meta.

Add general costs to quote total

You can add ‘extra costs’ in the form of additional products, shipping fees and other fees.

Click on the ‘Add item(s)’ button at the bottom of the productlist to add extra options.

Add items

You can select the following options:

  • Add product: Add any additional product(s) from your shop.
  • Add fee: Add any extra cost that are not included in the quote yet.
  • Add shipping cost: Add custom shipping costs. Please, refer to this page for shipping configuration details.

added saved items

In this example we have added a free t-shirt, a fee for priority service and free shipping.

The extra costs are listed in the quote just before the Total line, see the example below:

example added costs

Add shipping costs to quote total

In order to include the shipping fees within the quote, it is essential to activate the shipping fee management on WooCommerce and to enable at least one of the shipping methods.

Please note: you need to configure the shipping zones from WooCommerce and, for each of them, enable the shipping methods.
For the correct configuration, we suggest you follow WooCommerce official documentation.

Click on the Add item button and then on Add shipping cost.

Add items


add shipping costs

You can specify the following:

  • label: As it appears on the frontend;
  • shipping method: Among the ones available in the shop
  • amount: To specify the amount for your custom shipping.

Do you want your customers to use the methods and costs that are set up for your shop? Do not add any shipping cost here.

add shipping costs price

The shipping costs and the name you gave it, are listed in the quote just before the Total line. Both in the email and in the PDF document.

example shipping costs

Override shipping costs

Do you want to prevent the user to use a different shipping method, rather than the one you suggest them in the quote?

  • Enable Override Shipping: If you want users to be charged only the shipping fee added to the quote
  • Disable Override Shipping: If you want to charge both costs, the shipping costs in the quote and the general ones set up for your shop.

Override shipping

On the checkout page, after accepting the quote, the user will view the shipping cost details without the possibility to select any other shipping method enabled on the store.

custom shipping on checkout

Override checkout fields

You can override the user data related to the shipping and billing while creating the quote.

Let’s see together how to do this.

Select the fields that you want to edit by clicking on the ‘pencil’ icon, and insert the new data.

edit address

  • Load billing address/Load shipping address: To import these details from the ones saved in the user’s account from previous orders.
  • Copy billing address: If the billing and shipping address are the same.

Customer details

After that, scroll down to the option called Override checkout fields and pick one of the following:

  • Override Billing and Shipping info: Both billing and shipping information you gave in will be loaded on checkout.
  • Override Billing info: If you have edited only the billing data.
  • Override Shipping info: If you have edited only the shipping data.
  • Do not override Billing and Shipping info: If you haven’t made any changes to them.

override checkout fields

Before sending the quote, choose whether give the user the possibility to edit the data you have entered on the checkout page or not.
“Lock the editing of checkout fields” if you don’t want them to change that information.

The checkout form will be completed automatically with the updated data when the user accepts the quote.


Quote general options

Once configured the products and the quoted price on the quote detail page, you can go on and configure the additional settings in the “Quote general options”.

  • options part 1
  • Show custom text in email content: decide to add a custom message to the email.
  • Custom text before product list: message that appears before the product list.
  • Custom text after product list: message that appears after the product list.

options part 2

  • Upload an optional attachment: upload a file you wish to attach to the email.
  • Set a specific expiry date for this quote: date after which users can no longer buy at the agreed price.
    • This quote will expire on: choose a date from the date-picker.
  • Message to show in “My account > Quote detail”: optional message to show on my account > quote detail page of the customer.

If setting the expiration date for the quote, the coupon created when changing the price will also have an expiration.

The messages, the expiration date will be visible in the email and PDF quote.

Request a Quote email

The message for my account page is visible on the quote detail page:

note in my account

Final check and quote sending

If you have enabled PDF generation in YITH > Request a Quote > Quote options, the quote will automatically be generated and attached to the email.

Download quotes as PDF

Do you want to check your settings and get a preview before sending the quote? Go to “Check quote before sending”. You can send a test email to your own email address and get a preview of the pdf attachment.

check quote

Once you’ve sent the quote, its status will go to Pending Quote.  It is now up to the customer to accept or reject the proposed price.

Pending quote

Quote status

Quotes are treated like orders and acquire a different status based on which step it is in:

  • New quote request: When the user sends a quote request.
  • Pending quote: When the quote has been sent to the user.


The order status of the quote will change into one of the following:

  • Pending payment: If the customer accepts the quote and the order is pending payment.
  • Rejected quote: If the customer rejects the quote.
  • Expired quote: If the customer has not given any reply before the expiry date set in the quote.

In WooCommerce > Orders you can filter quote orders based on their status.

Create a quote from backend

An admin can also create a new quote, without having to receive a request from his user first.

In order to do so, go to WooCommerce > Orders and click on “Add a new quote”.

add new quote

Choose a customer from registered users in the shop or leave guest if the user will register later.

logged customer or guest

In order to add one or more products to the quote, click on Add Item(s) and then on Add Product(s).

add items

add products

By clicking on ‘Add‘ the products will automatically be saved in the quote list.

If you want to edit the quantity or price of the added products, click on the ‘pencil‘ symbol which appears when you hover over the product.

edit product in quote (1)

After editing the product prices/quantity, don’t forget to ‘Save’ the list.

Save changes products

Enter all the information that can be useful for the quote request and, fill in the required Name and Email fields.

customer request

It is necessary to fill this section and save the order. If you don’t do this the button “send quote” will not be visible.

Wondering about the end result? Scroll down to “Check quote before sending” to send out a test email and preview the pdf.

check quote

All set and done? Click on the Send Quote button to send the quote.

PLEASE NOTE: the PDF document is only attached to the quote if the PDF management option has been previously enabled in the plugin settings panel.