Add shipping costs to quote total

In order to include the shipping fees within the quote, it is essential to activate the shipping fee management on WooCommerce and to enable at least one of the shipping methods.

Please note: you need to configure the shipping zones from WooCommerce version 2.6 and, for each of them, enable the shipping methods.
For the correct configuration, we suggest you follow WooCommerce official documentation.

Click on the Add item button and then on Add shipping cost.

Add items

Shipping cost

You can specify the following:

  • label: as it appears on the frontend;
  • shipping method: among the ones available in the shop
  • amount: to specify the amount for your custom shipping.

Do not add any shipping cost to let your customers use the methods and costs set up for your shop.

Add shipping

All the extra costs will be listed in the quote just before the Total line, included the shipping cost and the name you gave to it, both in the email and in the PDF document.

Custom shipping

Override shipping costs

Do you want to prevent the user to use a different shipping method rather than the one you suggest them in the quote?

Enable the option Override shipping in the section below, if you want users to be charged only the shipping fee added to the quote, or disable it if you want to charge both costs, the shipping costs in the quote and the general ones set up for your shop.

Override shipping

On the checkout page, after accepting the quote, the user will view the shipping cost details without the possibility to select any other shipping method enabled on the store.

custom shipping on checkout