Quote PDF

Within the ‘Quote options’ section you will find 4 tabs:

Quote PDF

You will find two sections, the “Quote PDF” settings and the “PDF Layout” settings. In the first section you can enable the following options:

quote pdf options

  • Allow quotes to be downloaded as PDF: Download the quote in a PDF version from the “My Account” page
  • PDF file name: Enter a name to identify the PDF quote. Customers see this name when they download or open the file. It is possible to use %quote_number% to use the number of the quote and %rand% to add a random number.
  • Enable pagination in PDF: Add pagination numbers at the end of the PDF quote, if the quote has more than 1 page.
  • Attach a PDF version to the quote email: Download a PDF version of the quotes.

PDF Layout

In the second section you will be able to edit the following options:

pdf quote 2

  • PDF layout based on a:
    • Table: Table allows adding content to the HTML table.
    • DIV: it replaces the HTML table with DIVs (use this to avoid some issues with pagination).
  • Logo: Choose the image that you want to use as logo. Pick it from your media library or upload it here.
  • Sender info text PDF quote: Your company/shop information that will appear on top of the quote document as sender information.
  • Show quote author: Information of the person who sent the quote will be shown in PDF header (make sure the user profile is filled).
  • In product table show this info: Info shown in the product list:
    • All
    • Product thumbnail
    • Product name
    • Unit price
    • Quantity
    • Product subtotal

pdf quote 3

  • Hide “Total price row”: Hide the “Total Price Row” in the product list.
  • Show “Accept | Reject” links: Adds a link to accept or reject the quote into the PDF. To show both links be sure to also enable the option in the “Quote options” tab.
  • Optional text in PDF quote footer: Additional text content to show in the footer area of the PDF Quote.
  • Hide product list in e-mail content when a PDF quote is attached: Hide product list in the content of the PDF version is attached to the email.
PDF example

pdf example

As you can see, the company logo is visible, the sender info text (from) and the accept/reject links.