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How users can add products to the accepted quote

Go to YITH > Request a Quote >Quote options” to enable the possibility to add additional products to the cart.

By disabling the feature Block cart content after accepting a quoteyou will allow users to enrich the order by adding products to the cart after accepting the quote.

Block cart contentThis option works both on Cart and Shop pages.

After accepting the quote, you can redirect the customer to the page you have set.

My account page

On the My Account page, users can track all the requests sent to the administrator. The plugin will automatically create a new ‘Quotes’ endpoint.

Quotes on My Account page

In the ‘Quotes’ section, the user will find an oversight of all the quotes with their status.

Quotes list on My Account

  • New: a quote has been sent by the user and he did not yet receive an answer.
  • Pending: the admin has sent a proposal, awaiting the response of the user.
  • Accepted: the user has accepted the proposal.
  • Rejected: the user has rejected the proposal.
  • Completed: the user has paid for the proposal.

Users can access the quote details by clicking on the quote number.

Quote details - user

Accept or reject the quote

The user decides if he wants to accept or reject the quote. There are 3 ways to accept/reject the quote. Below you see a list of examples:


Inside the email:

Accept and reject buttons in emails


From the PDF, if you enabled the Accept and Reject fields:

Accept and reject buttons in PDF

my account

Inside the quote on My Account page:

Accept and reject buttons in My Account

By accepting the quote, the user will be redirected to the Checkout page to complete the order.
If the quote is rejected, the order status turns into Rejected quote and it will be no longer possible to re-open the quote.

reject the quote

The user sees a popup, where it is possible to leave feedback/reason for rejection. This feedback will be sent to the admin of the shop.

Reject quote