General quote settings and automatic quotes

In the Quote Settings tab, you can configure specific options that will apply to all the quotes generated through your site.

Let’s see which options are available.

The first section of this tab is about orders and links:

quote settings

Enable order creation: this option is recommended, as this allows you to automatically create an order together with the quote. This way, as soon as customers click on the Accept button they will be able to proceed to the checkout with all products, price and information added before.

Show users the link to accept the quote: this option lets you add the Accept link in the email and PDF file.

Write in the text for your the “Accept” link: change the text of the Accept link that will take your users to the page you choose in the option below.

Redirect page: choose here the page where your users will be directed once they click on the Accept link to accept the quote.

Show “Reject” link: choose whether to show a Reject link or not.

Write in the text for your the “Reject” link: edit here the text of the Reject link.

From this tab, you can also edit the email with the quote offer sent by the admin to the customer. Click on the button Edit the Quote email options to edit all options available for this email.

edit quote email option

The same applies to the email that the admin receives every time a user accepts or rejects a quote. Click on the button Edit the accepted/rejected Quote Email options to edit all options available for this email.

edit accept reject

Refer to this page for more details about the email configuration.

Generate automatic quotes

This second section is all about options that let you configure the store so that quotes are automatically generated. If the option is enabled, your users will be able to send a quote and to receive an automatic quote with the total price calculated out of all the products in the quote. This option is useful if you don’t want to show prices, but want to share them only if users get in touch with you.

Let’s see how to configure these options.

generate quotes automatically

Generate quotes automatically: enable this option to let the plugin automatically send an email with the quote to customers who send a quote request.

Payment method: select the payment method you want to use specifically for accepted quotes. Leave this field empty to allow all in WooCommerce enabled gateways.

Start a cron every: with this option you can decide when the automatic quote email will be sent to your users. This can either be minutes, hours or days. Set 0 if you want to sent the quote immediately.

We suggest setting it to 4 or 5 hours to make the quote look more realistic, as if there is a person behind it. You can set it to “0” but please consider that this will make your users immediately understand that there’s a robot (and not a person who cares about them) behind the quote. This could make the quote and added discount lose part of its marketing efficacy.

Set a default expiring date after a certain amount of days. The quote will automatically expire based on the days you have set.

Add default shipping on quote: check this option if you want to apply the general shipping fee set up for your shop.

Enable the option to add multiple shipping costs: enable this option if you need to apply more than one shipping fee to the quote. The total will be shown on the quote offer.