Add to quote by admin

In order to create a new quote without having first received a request from your users, you can do the following.

Access the Orders page from your WooCommerce menu and click on Add new quote.

New quote - backend

Choose a customer from users registered in the shop or leave Guest if the user will register later.

guest quote

Enter all the information that can be useful for the quote request and, please, make sure you fill in Name and Email fields, which are required.

other settings

In order to add one or more products to the quote, click on Add Item(s) and then on Add Product(s).


add items

add products

If you want to offer the products in the quote at a different price from their regular price, click on Edit item and type your own price.

Save first changes in the products and then in the request.


Save product

Create quote

If you have enabled PDF documents, you’ll be able to create the PDF quote by clicking on the button Create PDF. This will allow you to view the PDF quote before it is sent to the user.

create pdf

In conclusion, click on the Send Quote button to send the quote.

PLEASE NOTE: the PDF document is attached to the quote only if the PDF management option has been previously enabled in the plugin settings panel.