Buttons and labels

Within the ‘General options’ section you will find two tabs:

Buttons & Labels

Within the ‘Buttons & Labels’ tab you will be able to change the style, colors and texts of the buttons and labels.

Button and labels

You can either choose for a button or textual link for the “Add to quote” button and the “Request a quote” button.

link or button

If you choose the ‘Button‘ option, you can change the colors (background, text, hover) of both the ‘Add to quote’ and ‘Request a quote’ buttons. If you choose the ‘link‘, it will be shown as a normal link and it will get the style of the links of your theme.

The ‘Add to quote’ button is shown inside the shop page and single product page. The ‘Request a quote’ button is shown inside the checkout page, if the general option > Show “Add to quote” on the Checkout page is enabled.

The plugin also offers options to change the text of several labels:

Buttons labels 2

  • “Add to quote” label
  • “Request a quote” label
  • “Product added to the list” label
  • “Product already in the list” label
  • “Browse the list” label

Buttons labels 3

  • Loader style: Either use the default loader or upload a custom one.
  • Enable AJAX loading: To load any cacheable quote items via AJAX.