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Buttons and Labels

Within the ‘General options’ section you will find two tabs:

  • General options
  • Buttons and labels

Buttons & Labels

Within the ‘Buttons & Labels’ tab you will be able to change the style, colors and texts of the buttons and labels.

button and label free

You can either choose for a button or textual link for the “Add to quote” button and the “Request a quote” button.

link or button

If you choose the ‘Button‘ option, you can change the colors (background, text, hover) of both the ‘Add to quote’ and ‘Request a quote’ buttons. If you choose the ‘link‘, it will be shown as a normal link and it will get the style of the links of your theme.

The plugin also offers options to change the text of several labels:
  • “Add to quote” label
  • “Product added to the list” label
  • “Product already in the list” label
  • “Browse the list” label