Contact form 7

If you prefer using a form build with Contact Form 7 plugin, please, make sure you have installed and activated Contact Form 7 plugin.

Then, go to YITH Plugins > Form Settings > Request Form and select Contact Form 7.

Contact Form 7

You will be able to choose one of the forms that you have previously configured in Contact Form 7 plugin settings.
To use these plugins and avoid errors during their functioning, you have to follow specific rules when the form is created.
When creating form fields, please, consider the following information to set fields in a way that is adequate for right integration with “YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote” plugin. If the fields are added correctly, the information entered by customers on the Request a Quote page will automatically fill the billing and shipping fields in the quote order.
These are the integrated fields that will automatically fill WooCommerce order fields.
  • name: [text* your-name]
  • email: [email* your-email]
  • message: [textarea your-message]

Other fields:

  • billing address: [text* billing-address]
  • billing phone: [text* billing-phone]
  • billing vat: [text* billing-vat]
  • billing first name: [text* billing-first-name]
  • billing last name: [text* billing-last-name]
  • billing company: [text* billing-company]
  • billing country: [text* billing-country]
  • billing address 1: [text* billing-address-1]
  • billing address 2: [text* billing-address-2]
  • billing city: [text* billing-city]
  • billing state: [text* billing-state]
  • billing postcode: [text* billing-postcode]
  • billing phone: [text* billing-phone]
  • billing email: [text* billing-email]
  • shipping first name: [text* shipping-first-name]
  • shipping last name: [text* shipping-last-name]
  • shipping company: [text* shipping-company]
  • shipping country: [text* shipping-country]
  • shipping address 1: [text* shipping-address-1]
  • shipping address 2: [text* shipping-address-2]
  • shipping city: [text* shipping-city]
  • shipping state: [text* shipping-state]
  • shipping postcode: [text* shipping-postcode]

You can also add custom fields, and this will be shown only in the “request Details” in the administration section. Follow contact form documentation for more details.

Add the shortcode [yith-request-a-quote-list] the message body to show the list of products in the request in the email.

“YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote” does not manage style of emails generated by another plugin.

Using WPML

If you are using WPML on your site, please make sure of inserting the [hidden lang “it”] field to the form. This allows applying the current language to the quote request and, as a consequence, getting the email translation.

YIT Contact Form

YIT Contact Form is a plugin integrated in any YITH themes
Read carefully the following information for form creation, so that your fields are configured to be perfectly working with “YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote”.

  • name: assign data “name” the value name
  • email: assign data “email” the value email
  • message: assign data “message” the value message
“YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote” does not manage style of emails generated by another plugin.

Gravity form

Minimum Version Required

  • YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote: 1.0.6
  • Gravity Form: 2.0.6

Read the following information for form creation carefully, so your fields are configured to be perfectly working with “YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote”.

  • Add fields to your form paying attention to their type that must be Standard or Advanced

  • Go to Settings -> Notifications and click on Admin Notification.

  • Add the {ywraq_quote_table} shortcode to the message and save the changes.

  • Go to Settings -> YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote and select the related form field for each entry.

  • The Name and Email entries are mandatory, therefore check the form fields related to them are marked as required.


  • Now log in to the plugin settings dashboard and select the form you have created as quote request form.

Add the possibility to export the product list

  • Edit your form and add a ‘hidden’  field

hidden field

  • Set the new field in “settings > YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote”

product list

Actions after request

After the form has been completed and the request has been sent, there are two possible actions:

  • the page is refreshed and users are shown a message that confirms that the request has been sent;
  • users are redirected to one specific thank-you page.

Choose the action that best suits your business project under the section Actions in the Form Settings tab.

Actions after request

This is a preview of the message:

PDF configuration

The premium version of YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote allows attaching a PDF quote copy to emails.
The PDF document includes the list of products and related costs quoted by the administrator. If you want to create a PDF automatically when the request is sent, make sure the PDF tab has been enabled in Other settings:

After saving the settings, you will be able to see a new tab called PDF quote where you can configure the PDF settings.

PDF tab

PDF Quote Settings

Go to the PDF Quote tab to configure the PDF settings. You will find two sections, the first one is called PDF Quote settings. Here you can enable the following options:

PDF options

  • Allow creating PDF document download in My Account Page: enable this option if you want to show the Download PDF button in your customers’ reserved area.
    Download pdf button
  • Enable pagination on the quote document if it is longer than one page.
  • Attach PDF quote to the email that is sent to customers with the quote.
  • Show Link Accept/Reject on the PDF document.
    accept/reject link
  • Remove the list with products from the email: this will let you avoid duplicate information in the email, as the quote information is in the PDF document.

PDF Quote Layout

In the section below, PDF Quote Layout, you will be able to edit the following information:

  • Logo: choose the image that you want to use as logo. Pick it from your media library or upload it here.
  • Sender info in PDF file: enter here your company or shop information that will appear on top of the quote document as sender information.
  • Show quote author:  information of the person who sent the quote will be shown in PDF header (make sure the user profile is filled).
  • PDF Footer: add your own information on every PDF quote generated on your site.

pdf quote layout

This is a sample PDF quote:

PDF sample quote

And this is an example, with ‘show quote author‘ enabled:

quote author

New Quote Request

With the Premium version of the plugin all quotes are organized just like orders in Orders page.
When a new quote request is received, it will appear in the Orders page, but next to it you’ll find a label that shows the status of the order or quote.

Orders page

Quote page

If you select a new quote from the Orders page, you will be able to read and edit the details. The Quote detail page is made of two main sections.
The first section includes customer’s details and the products in the request.

Customer details

The second section includes the message sent by the user and the quote settings that the user will receive.

raq order settings

You can enable the option for the customer to “pay now” for order, so the customer can pay without adding billing/shipping information. (This information must be added sending the quote).

pay now

Products check

On top of the quote order you will find two sections for editing customer’s billing and shipping details if the user already exists on your shop. Click on Load billing address or Load shipping address to load the information saved to the customer’s account from previous orders.Load details

Then, check the list of products in the request. Click on the pencil icon next to each item to edit the quantity and the price of each of them, so you can offer your customers the exact price you have in mind for each of them.

Edit price

For any decreased price, a discount will be underlined in the email or pdf document that the users receive and the total discount will be shown just before the Total, as in the following quote email.

Discounted prices


By adding a custom item meta, it will show inside the PDF, cart page and checkout page. This meta should start with “RAQ_”.


Add general costs to quote total

In addition to total cart, that is the sum of product costs, you can add extra costs for each additional expense the admin has to include in the quote.

You can add additional products, shipping fees and other fees.

Click on Add item(s) button at the bottom of the list of products to add extra options.

Add items

Select one of the following:

  • Add product: if you want to add any additional product from your shop.
  • Add fee: select this if you want to add any extra cost not included in the quote.
  • Add shipping cost: if you want to add custom shipping costs. Please, refer to this page for shipping configuration details.

All the extra costs will be listed in the quote just before the Total line, as shown below:

Extra fees

Add shipping costs to quote total

In order to include the shipping fees within the quote, it is essential to activate the shipping fee management on WooCommerce and to enable at least one of the shipping methods.

Please note: you need to configure the shipping zones from WooCommerce version 2.6 and, for each of them, enable the shipping methods.
For the correct configuration, we suggest you follow WooCommerce official documentation.

Click on the Add item button and then on Add shipping cost.

Add items

Shipping cost

You can specify the following:

  • label: as it appears on the frontend;
  • shipping method: among the ones available in the shop
  • amount: to specify the amount for your custom shipping.

Do not add any shipping cost to let your customers use the methods and costs set up for your shop.

Add shipping

All the extra costs will be listed in the quote just before the Total line, included the shipping cost and the name you gave to it, both in the email and in the PDF document.

Custom shipping

Override shipping costs

Do you want to prevent the user to use a different shipping method rather than the one you suggest them in the quote?

Enable the option Override shipping in the section below, if you want users to be charged only the shipping fee added to the quote, or disable it if you want to charge both costs, the shipping costs in the quote and the general ones set up for your shop.

Override shipping

On the checkout page, after accepting the quote, the user will view the shipping cost details without the possibility to select any other shipping method enabled on the store.

custom shipping on checkout