Commission settings

Every completed purchase of the shop related to an affiliate user will generate a commission to pay.
The commission concerning the affiliate is the sum of the commissions of all the products added to the cart. To change the general settings of commissions, go the options panel of the plugin, click on the “Settings” tab and scroll the page to the “Commissions” section.

Commission settings

Here you can edit the following options:

    • General rate: general commission percentage related to any product of the shop and any affiliate, except possible commissions set in the Rates section of the plugin.
    • Avoid auto commission: if this option is activated, no commissions will be generated for those purchases that have the same refer ID to the user that made the order.
    • Exclude tax from commissions: exclude taxes and VAT from the commission amount, so you can choose whether to calculate the affiliate commission before or after VAT.
    • Exclude discount from commissions: by enabling this option, the commission will be calculated on the amount of the discount applied.

Permanent commission

    • Calculate commissions permanently: based on registered cookies, this option stores the commissions of the affiliate for every purchase the related user will make. If the related user reaches the site from the link of another affiliate, this one will be the next affiliate for which this option will store the commissions.
    • Prevent referral switch: by enabling this option, the user will always be associated to the affiliate who led him to purchase on the store (from the moment it has been decided to calculate the commissions in a permanent way), even if he visits a link associated to a different refer ID.
    • Persistent commissions rate: commission percentage for all orders after the first one, even if the user visits the site directly (associate affiliate to customer). The amount of the new commission is based on the percentage applied to the old commission. Meaning: if you want to credit the same commission percentage, you’ll need to set the “Persistent commissions rate” to 100%.
    • Notify admin: this option lets you send notification email automatically when a commission acquires the Pending status.
All commissions after the first one will be calculated as follows:
product_price * general_rate * persistent_commissions_rate

Coupon commissions

If you have enabled the coupons management, a commission will be generated automatically every time a sale is made on your store using the coupons shared by the affiliates even without visiting the affiliate link.

For further details about how to create and assign coupons, please refer to this page.

Commission rate

The plugin allows 3 kind of commissions:

  • General
  • Specific by user
  • Specific by product

general commission

  • General rate: it is specified in “Affiliates -> Settings” and it is valid for all the affiliates and all the products of the shop

User and Product rate

  • User rates: (optional) it can be inserted in “Affiliate -> Rates” or in the user’s profile and it overrides the general commission percentage
  • Product rates: (optional) it can be inserted in “Affiliate -> Rates”.

Commission status

All the commissions generated by the orders of the site are stored in the “Commissions” section of the options panel of the plugin. There is also the possibility to export the commissions in CSV format.

export csv

The commission status is strictly linked to the order status.

When the order is created, the commission is created with the “Not Confirmed” status and when the order goes to Paid, the commission automatically gets the  “Pending” status, which means that the commission is ready to be paid.

You can see the commission status as shown in the following screenshot.

pending commission

Here is a more detailed list with all the statuses that a commission can get and which order status can trigger it:

  • pending‘: if the order status goes to completed or processing
  • pending-payment‘: this status is not triggered by any order, it can only be triggered by automatic payment and will be like this until the payment is not confirmed by the gateway
  • paid‘: this is the status that takes when the automatic payment is confirmed or that you can assign for manual payments
  • not-confirmed‘: if the order status goes to pending or on-hold
  • cancelled’: if the order status goes to cancelled or failed
  • refunded‘: if the order status goes to refunded

You can edit the commissions’ status in bulk to any of the following:

  • Pending
  • Not Confirmed
  • Cancelled
  • Refunded
  • Trashed: this is the step before a commission is deleted permanently (new “trash” label will appear).

Please, note: when the commission is on pending payment or paid status, it can only be changed to Trashed. No other status change is allowed to prevent that a commission is erroneously paid twice.

action on commission

The commission can be paid only when it’s on “Pending” status.

The payment of the commission can be done either manually or automatically thanks to the integration with PayPal:

  • if manually, you can issue the payment to the affiliate offline and then change the commission status to Paid
  • if automatically, based on the settings, the commission status will automatically go to Paid as soon as the payment is done.

Go to this page of the documentation to get the information about the management of the commission payment.

Example: a commission standard life cycle

This is the default life cycle of a commission, and the statuses it takes on:

  • order created > commission not confirmed
  • order completed > commission pending
  • commission paid > commission pending payment (for automatic payments) OR paid (for manual payments)
  • commission payment confirmed (only for automatic payments) > paid.