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Commissions list

From the Commissions List page, you can see a list of all the commissions generated in your shop.

The plugin will generate one commission for each item line in the order, so, for example, if you purchase 3 different products in the same order, the plugin will generate 3 commissions. If you purchase 3 items of the same product in one order, instead, the plugin will generate only 1 commission item.

Commissions list
Commissions list

You can see a table with the following information (each column title can act as a sorting filter):

  • Commission ID
  • Date
  • Affiliate
  • Order ID and customer
  • Product
  • Item total
  • Rate
  • Commission
  • Status

Additionally, you can also show the following columns and enable them from the “Screen options”.

  • Refunds (per item total)
  • Discounts (per item total)
  • Category
  • Payment ID, if any. This will link to the payment details.

Filters and bulk actions

Based on the commission status, you can filter the view of the commissions using the filters on top and filter for example only by Pending or Paid commissions.

Yet, you can further filter these views using the additional filters by:

  • product
  • affiliate user
  • date

You can also bulk edit them and apply the following actions:

  • change status to “pending”
  • change status to “not confirmed”
  • change status to “cancelled”
  • change status to “refunded”
  • create a payment manually
  • pay via Direct bank/wire transfer
  • pay via Direct Mass pay
  • move to trash

As you can see, you can both change the commission status, trash them or create a payment record. For more details about how to generate payments, please, refer to this page.

CSV Export

It is also possible to export the commissions’ list or filtered commissions only into a CSV file.

Commission details

Additionally from this page, you can also click on the commission ID and see all the details.

Pending commission details with all available actions

From this screen, you can see the general info about the commission creation, the affiliate’s details and the order details.

You can see the products that generated that commission, the percentage rate, the commission total and the general store earnings for that sale.

You can also apply any of the available actions (that change based on the commission status) and see the linked payment (if created) and a notes section.

Pending payment commission details with link to payment record

For a more details explanation of how the commissions’ statuses work, please, refer to this page.

Commissions payments

The payment of the commission can be done either manually or automatically:

  • if manually, you can create the payment record, issue the payment to the affiliate offline and then change the payment status to Completed and all linked commissions will automatically get the Paid status.
  • if automatically, based on the settings, the commission status will automatically go to Paid as soon as the payment is completed.

Once the payment is created, you will see on this page all the payment records.

From this screen you can filter the payments by status, affiliate, date.

You can bulk edit them and choose any of the following actions:

  • Change status to “Completed”
  • Change status to “On hold”
  • Change status to “Cancelled”
  • Delete
  • Pay via PayPal MassPay (only if PayPal MassPay service has been enabled in your PayPal account, refer to this page for more details)
  • Pay via Account Funds (only if YITH Account Funds is installed and enabled, refer to this page for more details)
  • Pay via PayPal Payouts (only if YITH PayPal Payouts is installed and enabled, refer to this page for more details)
  • Pay via Stripe Connect (only if YITH Stripe Connect is installed and enabled, refer to this page for more details)

The same options will also be available in the commission actions and additionally you will find also Pay via Direct bank/wire transfer (refer to this page for more details).

Finally, you can also export all of them or a selection based on the filters into a CSV file.

Commission payment details

To open the payment details, just click on its ID and you will be able to see a detailed section with the General info, the Affiliate details, the Gateway details, the commissions included in this payment, the payment available actions, a payment recap of the affiliate and the payment notes.

Payment details


From the General section, you can see the payment creation date, the date it has been completed and a section where you can download the invoice (either generated automatically or uploaded by the customer), upload a new one or regenerate the existing one (for example after updating the billing details). For more details about the invoice settings, please, refer to this page.

General info in payment details

Affiliate details

Here you can find and update the affiliate email address and billing information. All changes made here will be reflected in the affiliate’s profile and will be used for this and all future payments.

Affiliate details in payment details

Gateway details

From this section, the admin can set the preferred payment gateway for this payment and update the payment details if necessary. Any changes made to this section will be reflected in all the other payments that have not been paid yet.

Gateway details in payment details

Your affiliates will be able to add their payment details from the Settings tab in their Affiliate dashboard.

If more than one payment gateway is enabled, your customers will be able to fill in all the details, but it will always be the admin who will choose the payment among the available ones when paying for the order.

Admin chooses payment gateway

Commission status

The commission status is strictly linked to the order status.

When the order is submitted, the commissions are generated with the Not confirmed status. Then, when the order is paid and completed, the commission automatically gets the Pending status, which means that the commission is ready to be paid.

Here is a more detailed list with all the statuses that a commission can get and which order status can trigger it:

  • pending: if the order status goes to completed or processing
  • pending-payment: this status is not triggered by any order, it can only be triggered by automatic or manual payment and will be like this until the payment is confirmed by the gateway or set to completed by the admin manually.
  • paid: this is the status that the commission takes when the associated payment is set to completed status.
  • not-confirmed: this is the commission status when the order status goes to pending or on-hold.
  • cancelled: if the order status goes to cancelled or failed.
  • refunded: if the order status goes to refunded.

Please, note: when the commission is on pending payment or paid status, it can only be changed to Trashed. No other status change is allowed to prevent a commission is erroneously paid twice.

The commission can be paid only when it’s on Pending status.

Example: a commission standard life cycle

This is the default life cycle of a commission, and the statuses it takes on:

  • order created > commission not confirmed
  • order completed > commission pending
  • commission payment created > commission pending payment
  • commission payment completed > commission paid

The admin can anyway manually change the commission status regardless of the order status, so for example, a pending commission can be changed to not confirmed even if the order is completed.

For more details about how to create commissions payments, please, refer to the following pages:

Commissions payments for the free version
Commissions payments for the premium version