Commission status

All the commissions generated by the orders of the site are stored in the “Commissions” section of the option panel of the plugin. There is also a possibility to export the commissions in CSV format.


The commission is created with the “Not Confirmed” status and it automatically acquires the “Pending” status when the order to which it is associated is completed: this status change is notified next to the section label.

pending comission

Thanks to the bulk actions of the page, it is possible to change the status of every commission in:

  • Pending: status of the commission when the linked order is completed.
  • Not Confirmed: default status of the commission when entered in the table.
  • Cancelled: status of the commission when the order is cancelled.
  • Refunded: status of the commission when the order is refunded.
  • Trashed: Step before deleting the commission permanently (new “trash” label will appear).

commissions view

The commission can be paid only in “Pending” status.

The payment of the commission can be done, manually or automatically, thanks to the integration with PayPal.

Go to this page of the documentation to get the information about the management of the commission payment.