“Withdraw” Shortcode

With this [yith_wcaf_show_withdraw] shortcode, you can add the withdrawal form to the page you want. In the withdraw screen, the affiliate can decide from-to which date they want to withdraw their commissions.

Note: make sure that you do not directly call the page ‘withdraw’ because it’s a reserved word.

Make sure you have enabled the “withdraw” option in the general settings.

withdraw shortcode


“Affiliate dashboard” shortcode

The [yith_wcaf_affiliate_dashboard] shortcode allows you to insert a dedicated dashboard for the affiliate on the page.
The dashboard is divided into different sections: commissions, clicks, and payments.
There are three shortcode parameters that are related to the sections for which the elements pagination is provided:

  • pagination: (yes/no) enable/disable the pagination option for each section. It will show up only if the items are more than the value specified in the following attribute per page.
  • per_page: elements per page. Default value is 10.
  • current_page: page number shown in any section.
    Suppose that we have pagination for an elements list in the “Commissions” section, by specifying 2 as the parameter value, only page 2 will be shown in the section.
    Affiliate dashboard shortcode
  • show_dashboard_links: this allows showing the menu on the right.affiliate dashboard pagination

Print sections for affiliate dashboard

With a shortcode for each section, the admin is able to print that specific affiliate dashboard section in any page of the site.

  • Commissions: [yith_wcaf_show_commissions]
  • Clicks: [yith_wcaf_show_clicks]
  • Payments: [yith_wcaf_show_payments]
  • Settings: [yith_wcaf_show_settings]
  • Coupons: [yith_wcaf_show_coupons]

Each of these shortcodes can have custom settings for the pagination and the menu. You can use the following attributes to configure them:

  • pagination
  • per_page
  • current_page
  • show_dashboard_links

“Registration form” shortcode

The yith_wcaf_registration_form shortcode inserts the registration form on the page, that the user can use to register as a new affiliate to the shop.
If a registered user views the page, only the “Become an affiliate” button will be shown, the user’s profile will be added to the affiliate ones thanks to this button.
On the contrary, for unregistered users, the whole registration form will be shown.

Shortcode - Registration form

The shortcode parameters are:

  • show_name_field: (yes/no) show or hide the “name” field of the form
  • show_surname_field: (yes/no) show or hide the “surname” field of the form

“Link generator” shortcode

The [yith_wcaf_link_generator] shortcode inserts a form on the page, that allows the user to get an affiliation link in a dynamic way, depending on the specified URL.

Shortcode - Link generator

“Set Referrer” shortcode

The [yith_wcaf_set_referrer] shortcode inserts a form that gives the user the possibility to enter the affiliate code to whom he/she wants to be associated.

Shortcode - Set referrer

The only shortcode parameter is “affiliate_token” which allows you to specify a default affiliation token that will be considered in case the user hasn’t inserted any value in the form.

Visible content shortcode

You can paste this shortcode wherever WordPress allows you to place one, to include contents that will only be visible to affiliates.

[yith_wcaf_show_if_affiliate] this content will only be visible for affiliates [/yith_wcaf_show_if_affiliate]

If you are not an affiliate, you will not be able to see the content.



The shortcode is more complex since it accepts parameters and can show content just to a certain subset of affiliates.

The parameter is show_to and these are allowed values:

  • valid_affiliates: Shown only to valid affiliate (affiliate enabled, not banned).
  • enabled_affiliates: Shown only to enabled affiliates.
  • all_affiliates: Shown to all affiliates.
  • {user role}:  If you enter a valid user role name, such as shop_manger, the content will be shown just to shop managers.
  • logged_in_users: Shown only to logged users
  • anyone: All users

Example with parameter:

[yith_wcaf_show_if_affiliate show_to=”enabled_affiliates”]CONTENT FOR AFFILIATE[/yith_wcaf_show_if_affiliate ]