Visible content shortcode

You can paste this shortcode wherever WordPress allows you to place one, to include contents that will only be visible to affiliates.

[yith_wcaf_show_if_affiliate] this content will only be visible for affiliates [/yith_wcaf_show_if_affiliate]

If you are not an affiliate, you will not be able to see the content.



The shortcode is more complex, since it accepts parameters and can show content just to certain subset of affiliates.

The parameter is show_to and these are allowed values:

  • valid_affiliates Shown only to valid affiliate (affiliate enabled, not banned).
  • enabled_affiliates Shown only to enabled affiliates.
  • all_affiliates Shown to all affiliates.
  • {user role}  If you enter a valid user role name, such as shop_manger, content will be shown just to shop managers.
  • logged_in_users Shown only to logged users
  • anyone All users

Example with parameter:

[yith_wcaf_show_if_affiliate show_to=”enabled_affiliates”]CONTENT FOR AFFILIATE[/yith_wcaf_show_if_affiliate ]