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Affiliates list

Go to YITH > Affiliates > Affiliates list to check all your registered affiliate users. You will see here everyone who applied as an affiliate and you can also filter this view by affiliate status.

Affiliates list

From this screen, you can filter by name, email addres or token ID (minimum 3 characters) to find one specific affiliate.

Additionally, you will also be able to change the affiliate status either form the bulk actions or from the actions available for single affiliates:

  • Delete affiliate
  • Change status to approved
  • Change status to rejected
  • Ban affiliate
  • Unban affiliate
Affiliate's actions
Single affiliate actions

When you change the affiliate status to rejected or banned from the affiliate’s actions, you will be able to set a custom message for this specific affiliate from a dedicated popup and explain why the affliate’s profile is being rejected or banned.
Please, note, this option is only available if you do not set any general message from the Registration options.

Reject affiliate popup

This message can also be set and updated in the Affiliate’s profile.

Finally, you can also quickly create a payment record from this screen for the whole balance by clicking on the Pay now button. This payment will be available in the Commissions Payments tab.

Pay now from affiliates list

Create a new affiliate

By clicking on the + Add affiliate button, you can create a new affiliate. You will have two options, either select an existing user or create a new user and enable it as affiliate without leaving the page.

Add affiliate from existing user
Add affiliate from existing user
Add new affiliate and user
Create new user with affiliate role

CSV Export

From this page, you can also export a CSV file with all your affiliates or the filtered ones, for example if you filter by Accepted affiliates only or by one specific affiliate.