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General options

In the General Options tab we will find two different sections:


General options

Query var name: enter the name of the query var used to store the referral tokens in the URL. Default to “ref”.
A typical referral URL is http://sitename/?ref=2, where “ref” is the var name: you can change to any text you like, and it will be changed in all your affiliates’ referral URLs.

The affiliate can find this token in the Affiliate Dashboard > Link generator tab:

Cookie options

Cookies options

Referral cookie name: enter a name to identify the cookie that will store the referral tokens. This name should be as unique as possible to avoid collision with other plugins. If you change this setting, all cookies created previously will no longer be valid. Default value is yith_wcaf_referral_token.

Set cookies via AJAX: enable to execute an AJAX call to set up affiliates cookies whenever the system finds a referral query string in the URL.