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Video tutorials

In this section, you can find some video tutorials that will help you with the plugin configuration.
We have created the most common scenarios to easily understand how to configure the settings and get the expected results. Enjoy!

Stay updated: we are working very hard to publish new videos each week!

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    • How to pay the affiliate’s commissions

    • How to assign coupons to affiliates

    • How to set up the affiliate’s commission rates

    • How to setup the affiliate dashboard

    • How to create the affiliate registration page

    • How to set up an affiliate program for your online shop

    • Come pagare le commissioni agli affiliati

    • Come assegnare Coupon agli affiliati

    • Come impostare la percentuale di commissione degli affilaiti

    • Come creare la pagina di registrazione per gli affiliati

    • Come creare la pagina di registrazione per gli affiliati

    • Come impostare un programma di affiliazione per il tuo Shop online

    • Cómo pagar comisiones a los afiliados

    • Cómo asignar cupones a los afiliados

    • Cómo establecer los porcentajes de las comisiones de los afiliados

    • Cómo configurar el escritorio de afiliado

    • Cómo crear una página de registro de afiliados

    • Cómo crear un programa de afiliados para tu tienda online