Affiliation scenarios

Permanent affiliation

In this scenario, the user keeps being associated with the very first affiliate, whether the user comes back through another affiliate link or not, it doesn’t matter.

In order to set a permanent affiliation system, you’ll have to configure the commission settings as in the image below.

Calculate and prevent shift

Change affiliation based on the referral link

The affiliate is associated with the purchase of a user when he/she visits the website through his/her own referral link.

Commissions for this affiliate are generated each time the user makes a purchase.

If the user buys through a different referral link, the user is associated with the latter one and the affiliate commissions will go to the new referrer.

Configure the commission options as in the image below if you want to apply this affiliation system to your website.

Calculate and prevent shift

Affiliation for unlogged users

The only way to track affiliate purchases coming from unlogged users is to check if there is a specific cookie in the browser they are using.

Thanks to this cookie, you’ll be able to backtrack the affiliate number and generate commissions for any possible purchases.

The cookie is automatically removed if any of the following conditions occur:

  • the cookie has expired

Cookie expire

  • the user has made a purchase

delete cookie