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Changelog – Premium version

2.2.0 - Released on 25 May 2022

  • New: support for WordPress 6.0
  • New: support for WooCommerce 6.5
  • Update: YITH plugin framework
  • Tweak: whenever possible use placeholders for query generation, avoiding direct concatenation of strings
  • Fix: missing heading for the commission CSV export
  • Fix: prevent notices when stats query returns empty set, during REST API processing
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_share_title
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_dashboard_leaderboards_per_page filter

2.1.1 - Released on 04 May 2022

  • Update: YITH plugin framework
  • Tweak: better management of coupons in Affiliate Dashboard in the integration with WC Subscription
  • Tweak: changed affiliates table structure, to allow for 3 digits rates (100%)
  • Tweak: improved link-generator template attributes
  • Tweak: use GET method for List views (fix pagination and filtering problems on admin side)
  • Tweak: PayPal-related gateways now filter affiliate preferences, to fallback to legacy payment_email when no specific preference has been set
  • Dev: added filter yith_wcaf_affiliate_{$gateway_id}_gateway_preferences to allow third party code filter affiliate gateway preferences
  • Dev: replaced yith_wcaf_is_hosted filter with yith_wcaf_is_url_hosted (corrected value being filtered)
  • Fix: prevent unnecessary action scheduling during upgrade to version 2.x.x

2.1.0 - Released on 21 April 2022

  • New: support for WooCommerce 6.4
  • Update: YITH plugin framework
  • Tweak: refactored Rate Handler class, and applied changes to all code that previously used it
  • Tweak: prevent duplicated queries to count coupons (use cache)
  • Tweak: improved cache system (better identify cache miss)
  • Tweak: improved update queries, to correctly update record even when only one field needs to be updated to a NULL value
  • Tweak: improvements to dependencies system
  • Tweak: changed payment email column in payments table, to show details about payment gateway, if any
  • Tweak: make sure gateway is correctly assigned to the payment record when processing payment
  • Tweak: special handling for first/last name field value (fallback to user first/last name when empty)
  • Fix: avoid problem with withdraw limits, caused by formatting function
  • Fix: notify admin about new payments even when they come from withdraw operation
  • Fix: show notes dates in current timezone
  • Fix: JS error on Edit Gateway Preferences modal
  • Fix: avoid checking terms during process_withdraw if invoice is not required
  • Fix: prevent notice when processing bulk actions to process payments
  • Fix: wrong affiliate shown in Current Affiliate shortcode
  • Fix: avoid saving empty token from user profile screen
  • Fix: prevent Fatal error on commission/payment details page, when related order has been deleted
  • Fix: options for products categories/tags exclusions now work as intended
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_get_rate and yith_wcaf_get_formatted_rate functions to easily retrieve rate that best match passed parameters
  • Dev: added filter yith_wcaf_global_localize to allow third party code to change localized variables

2.0.1 - Released on 23 March 2022

  • Update: YITH plugin framework
  • Fix: state field in billing profile not working correctly with WC country scripts in backend
  • Fix: prevent problems with coupons endpoint
  • Fix: wrong currency shown in the Dashboard tab
  • Fix: prevent possible endless loop when converting secs amount to new duration format
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_dashboard_{$items}_table_render_{$field}_column action, to print custom columns inside Dashboard Tables

2.0.0 - Released on 21 March 2022

  • New: redesigned UI / improved UX of the plugin
  • New: dashboard that allows admin to keep track of affiliate program performance
  • New: registration form editor
  • New: custom fields in Become an Affiliate form
  • New: custom fields in Settings endpoint of Affiliate Dashboard
  • New: option to show Affiliate Dashboard as endpoints of My Account page
  • New: custom rates system, to create complex rate rule
  • New: allow affiliates to withdraw funds through a dedicated modal
  • New: improved Gateways handling, with specific options for each gateway
  • New: BACS gateway to request your affiliate Bank account for offline payments
  • New: modal to create user as an affiliate from admin panel
  • New: exclude products from affiliate program by category or tag
  • New: exclude user from affiliate program by role
  • New: added invoice column on payment tables
  • Update: YITH plugin framework
  • Update: mpdf library to version 8.0.15
  • Tweak: completely refactored plugin code
  • Tweak: prevent rounding issues when requesting withdraw
  • Tweak: refactored affiliate status emails, to have more specific messages depending on the status
  • Tweak: minor improvements to invoice template and appearance
  • Tweak: improved privacy class
  • Tweak: refactored Gutenberg blocks / Elementor widget with new parameters
  • Fix: prevent creation of two affiliates records for the same user
  • Dev: added action yith_wcaf_before_process_withdraw_request
  • Dev: fixed name of yith_wcaf_can_affiliate_withdraw filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_should_register_hit filter
  • Dev: added new yith_wcaf_instance_check filter
  • Dev: added new yith_wcaf_use_dashboard_pretty_permalinks filter
  • Dev: added new yith_wcaf_matched_rule filter
  • Dev: added new {$tag}_shortcode_template_atts filter, to allow third party dev to change shortcode attributes
  • Dev: added new yith_wcaf_{$field_key}_type filter, to allow third party dev to change each field type
  • Dev: added new yith_wcaf_{$field_key}_label filter, to allow third party dev to change each field label
  • Dev: added new yith_wcaf_{$field_key}_required filter, to allow third party dev to change each field required flag

1.15.0 - Released on 10 March 2022

  • New: support for WooCommerce 6.3
  • Update: YITH plugin framework
  • Fix: Change text domain in localize string that prevents them to be translated
  • Dev: added new yith_wcaf_instance_check filter
  • Dev: New filter yith_wcaf_earnings_affiliates_table

1.14.0 - Released on 08 February 2022

  • New: support for WooCommerce 6.2
  • Update: YITH plugin framework
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_skip_payout_payment

1.13.0 - Released on 10 January 2022

  • New: support for WordPress 5.9
  • New: support for WooCommerce 6.1
  • Update: YITH plugin framework

1.12.0 - Released on 16 December 2021

  • New: support for WooCommerce 6.0
  • Update: YITH plugin framework
  • Update: language files

1.11.0 - Released on 4 November 2021

  • New: support for WooCommerce 5.9
  • Update: YITH plugin framework
  • Dev: added function_exists check when Affiliate Dashboard page is created
  • Dev: added some check to prevent errors in the WooCommerce emails settings page
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_use_percentage_rates_field

1.10.0 - Released on 11 October 2021

  • New: support for WooCommerce 5.8
  • Update: YITH plugin framework
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_admin_tabs_control

1.9.1 - Released on 27 September 2021

  • Update: YITH Plugin Framework
  • Fix: debug info feature removed for all logged in users

1.9.0 - Released on 23 September 2021

  • New: support for WooCommerce 5.7
  • Update: YITH Plugin Framework
  • Fix: product search box in Affiliate Dashboard page

1.8.7 - Released on 05 August 2021

  • New: support for WooCommerce 5.6
  • Update: YITH Plugin Framework

1.8.6 - Released on 26 July 2021

  • New: support for WooCommerce 5.5
  • New: support for WordPress 5.8
  • Update: YITH Plugin Framework
  • Dev: new params on filter yith_wcaf_use_percentage_rates
  • Dev: added new yith_wcaf_payment_email_label_address_register_form filter and yith_wcaf_payment_email_dashboard_settings filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_show_if_affiliate_result filter, to allow custom rules for yith_wcan_show_if_affiliate shortcode

1.8.5 - Released on 16 June 2021

  • New: support for WooCommerce 5.5
  • New: support for WordPress 5.8
  • Update: YITH Plugin Framework
  • Tweak: minor style improvements for admin panel
  • Fix: fixed total commission amount (balance) of the affiliate when doing withdraw of amount type

1.8.4 - Released on 13 May 2021

  • New: support for WooCommerce 5.3
  • Update: YITH Plugin Framework
  • Tweak: minor style improvements for admin view
  • Dev: added new yith_wcaf_payments_table_column_amount filter
  • Dev: filter yith_wcaf_apply_promo_param is now applied whenever needed to change apply-promo parameter

1.8.3 - Released on 20 April 2021

  • New: support for WooCommerce 5.2
  • Update: YITH Plugin Framework
  • Update: new panel style
  • Dev: added new yith_wcaf_requester_origin filter

1.8.2 - Released on 12 March 2021

  • New: support for WordPress 5.7
  • New: support for WooCommerce 5.1
  • New: check over instance before processing payments
  • Update YITH Plugin Framework
  • Update: Italian language
  • Tweak: get translated page of Terms and conditions with WPML
  • Dev: added new yith_wcaf_set_ref_cookie filter
  • Dev: added wpml config file to translate admin texts
  • Dev: add a note to the payment when payment process doesn't belong to the correct instance

1.8.1 - Released on 18 February 2021

  • New: support for WooCommerce 5.0
  • New: German language
  • Update: YITH Plugin Framework
  • Update: Dutch language
  • Fix: declared nonce to correctly save affiliate details
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_register_form action in registration form for logged users

1.8.0 - Released on 12 January 2021

  • New: support for WooCommerce 4.9
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Fix: prevent fatal error on column line item refunds if order doesn't exists
  • Fix: undefined variable $column when order doesn't exists
  • Dev: added function yith_wcaf_number_format to format the rates

1.7.9 - Released on 09 December 2020

  • New: support for WooCommerce 4.8
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Dev: added filter yith_wcaf_display_format in order to allow to change the format on conversion rate and rate section

1.7.8 - Released on 10 November 2020

  • New: support for WordPress 5.6
  • New: support for WooCommerce 4.7
  • New: possibility to update plugin via WP-CLI
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Tweak: add referral code to apply-promo url
  • Fix: error when saving billing profile from settings page
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_show_register_section filter
  • Dev: removed deprecated method .ready from scripts

1.7.7 - Released on 15 October 2020

  • New: support for WooCommerce 4.6
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Tweak: show correct currency for commissions on admin table
  • Tweak: fixed typo in plugin's options
  • Tweak: removed usage of deprecated jQuery method $.fn.toggle from admin assets
  • Fix: possible notice when getting formatted affiliate billing address for invoice
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_commissions_dashboard_commissions

1.7.6 - Released on 17 September 2020

  • New: support for WooCommerce 4.5
  • New: apply promo url for easy coupon sharing
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Tweak: allow admin show T&C fields on withdraw view, even if no invoice is required
  • Tweak: hide billing details section in withdraw view, when it is not needed
  • Tweak: improved show_if_affiliates shortcode, to accept more than one rule, and to accept negated rules too
  • Fix: plugin not consider bottom select for bulk actions on Commissions, Payments and Affiliates views
  • Fix: appended additional content to pending commission email
  • Fix: possible notice happening when requesting withdraw by amount
  • Fix: avoid system deleting persistent_token after order placed
  • Fix: avoid persistent token change on order_completed when avoid_referral_change is enabled
  • Dev: added new parameters to yith_wcaf_apply_persistent_token filter

1.7.5 - Released on 20 August 2020

  • New: save and show date of first application for the affiliate
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Fix: fixed process checkout handling when coupon section isn't enable

1.7.4 - Released on 13 August 2020

  • New: support for WordPress 5.5
  • New: support for WooCommerce 4.4
  • New: option to allow affiliates withdraw an amount of their choice
  • New: breadcrumb for Affiliate Dashboard now contains link to get back to Dashboard home
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Tweak: reviewed withdraw shortcode appearance
  • Tweak: added affiliate handling to REST api that creates order
  • Tweak: affiliate now logs out directly from affiliate dashboard
  • Fix: improved affiliate profile update, to avoid affiliate not having correct role
  • Fix: prevent possible fatal when showing referrer form
  • Fix: avoid auto commission also when there is a affiliate coupon applied in the order
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_max_rate_value filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_line_item_commission_total filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_line_total_check_amount_total filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_no_affiliate_message filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_user_details_affiliates_table filter

1.7.3 - Released on 09 June 2020

  • New: support for WooCommerce 4.2
  • Tweak: fixed wrong text domain for some strings
  • Tweak: improved appearance of affiliate details panel
  • Fix: losing status selection after filtering on admin views
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_comission_table_columns filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_create_item_commission filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_enqueue_fontello_stylesheet filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_ipn_listener_apply_custom_cainfo filter for IPN validation curl call
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_ipn_listener_custom_cainfo filter for IPN validation curl call
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_ipn_listener_apply_custom_httpheader filter for IPN validation curl call
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_ipn_listener_custom_httpheader filter for IPN validation curl call
  • Dev: add second parameter on yith_wcaf_use_percentage_rates hook

1.7.2 - Released on 08 May 2020

  • New: support for WooCommerce 4.1
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Tweak: removed max attribute from payment threshold field
  • Tweak: hotfix paypal return url, to set back affiliate cookie when getting back to site after cancelling order
  • Fix: removed translation on screen id, that was causing missing assets on admin on non-english sites
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_withdraw_amount_allow_exceeding_max filter

1.7.1 - Released on 20 April 2020

  • New: added list of associated users to affiliate detail screen
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Update: Italian language
  • Tweak: moved script localization just after script registration
  • Tweak: minor improvements to frontend layouts, for better theme integration
  • Tweak: removed not-pertinent CSS rules (this styling should be demanded by theme)
  • Tweak: changed all doubleval to floatval function
  • Tweak: added affiliate dashboard shortcode as gutenberg block on brand new Dashboard page
  • Fix: fixed escaped labels of Term and Conditions (changed to wp_kses)
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_check_affiliate_validation_error filter

1.7.0 - Released on 09 March 2020

  • New: support for WordPress 5.4
  • New: support for WooCommerce 4.0
  • New: Greek translation
  • New: added option to set up affiliates cookie via AJAX call (to better work with cache systems)
  • New: added Elementor widgets
  • Tweak: included variations in Excluded products field
  • Tweak: include commissions and commissions history metaboxes into WC Subscription edit page
  • Tweak: code reformat and improvements for PHPCS
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Fix: pending commission email for admin is not sent if the commission amount is zero or not exists
  • Fix: removed duplicated id from form-referrer box
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_customer_status_change_dashboard_url
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_show_message_wc_print_notice

1.6.9 - Released on 23 December 2019

  • New: support for WooCommerce 3.9
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Update: Italian language
  • Update: Greek language
  • Update: Dutch language
  • Fix: system not recognizing correct value for "Pay only commission older than" option
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_website_type filter

1.6.8 - Released on 12 December 2019

  • New: added link generator on Affiliate details page, on backend
  • Update: Greek translation
  • Update: plugin framework

1.6.6 - Released on 29 November 2019

  • New: added category column to commissions table and commissions CSV file
  • Tweak: check if dependencies are registered in order to prevent error in gutenberg pages
  • Update: Italian language
  • Update: notice handler
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Fix: prevent warning when global $post do not contain WP_Post object

1.6.5 - Released on 06 November 2019

  • Tweak: changed Fontello class names to avoid conflicts with themes
  • Tweak: added checks before Fontello style inclusion, to load it just when needed

1.6.4 - Released on 05 November 2019

  • New: support for WordPress 5.3
  • New: support for WooCommerce 3.8
  • New: Added affiliates export as CSV feature
  • New: Added social sharing for referral link
  • Update: Italian language
  • Update: Spanish language
  • Update: Dutch language
  • Tweak: allow showing affiliate menu on coupons section
  • Tweak: added cache for commission status count
  • Tweak: reviewed endpoint handling to prevent 404 errors on coupon section when it is hidden to affiliates that do not have coupons
  • Tweak: optimized has_unpaid_commissions method
  • Tweak: optimized affiliates per_status_count, using wp_cache
  • Fix: notices related to missing variables, or unhandled exception return values
  • Fix: issue with ban & reject affiliate bulk actions
  • Fix: fixed user edit link and avatar image from rates table
  • Fix: reset button not appearing on commission page when filtering by status
  • Fix: exclude trashed commissions from commission count on the commission page
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_process_become_an_affiliate_request_correctly
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_ipn_listener_force_ssl_v4 and changed force_ssl_v4 of IPN listener to false
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_link_generator_generated_url
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_show_dashboard_links_withdraw for withdraw template to show menu items
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_display_symbol
  • Dev: added new action yith_wcaf_process_checkout_with_affiliate

1.6.3 - Released on 09 August 2019

  • New: WooCommerce 3.7.0 RC2 support
  • New: added integration with WC Subscription
  • Tweak: added coupon meta data as placeholders for new affiliate coupon email
  • Tweak: changed doubleval for floatval
  • Tweak: regenerate invoice now saves submitted values as invoice profile
  • Tweak: using publishable url for download invoice on backend
  • Update: internal plugin framework
  • Update: Italian language
  • Fix: new condition to accept Terms & Conditions in withdraw panel
  • Fix: array to string conversion when regenerating affiliate invoice
  • Fix: allow copy button from iphone/ipad
  • Fix: wrong value was used in affiliate selection dropdown, on user edit page, after saving a user as Associated affiliate
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_withdraw_valid_payment_email for payment email of withdraw tab
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_become_an_affiliate_check
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_show_coupon_section
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_check_affiliate_val_error
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_check_affiliate_val_error_premium
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_dashboard_navigation_menu
  • Dev: added new action yith_wcaf_process_withdraw_request
  • Dev: added new action yith_wcaf_referrer_set

1.6.2 - Released on 31 May 2019

  • Fix: added missing plugin-upgrade directory

1.6.1 - Released on 29 May 2019

  • New: Switch to Cancelled bulk action for payments
  • Tweak: improved uninstall procedure
  • Tweak: rel nofollow to anchors with query strings
  • Tweak: improved click handling for users that does not have yith_wcaf_click_enabled option registered in db
  • Update: .pot file
  • Update: Dutch version
  • Update: plugin-fw
  • Fix problem translation on dashboard-withdraw template
  • Fix: affiliates not being auto-enaled after registration
  • Fix: minimum withdraw conditions
  • Dev: New action 'yith_wcaf_after_set_cookie'
  • Dev: filter yith_wcaf_payment_table_column_default
  • Dev filter yith_wcaf_payments_table_get_columns
  • Dev: Fixed action 'yith_wcaf_after_set_cookie'
  • Dev: Added new parameters in do_action 'woocommerce_email_header' and 'woocommerce_email_footer' for new affiliate email

1.6.0 - Released on 03 April 2019

  • New: WooCommerce 3.6.0 RC1 support
  • New: admin can now disable Click handling
  • New: current affiliate shortcode
  • New: admin can now regenerate invoice for affiliates
  • New: admin can now assign coupons to affiliates
  • New: affiliates can receive commissions by coupons
  • New: email sent when admin assign a coupon to an affiliate
  • Update: internal plugin framework
  • Update: Spanish language
  • Tweak: improved withdraw handling
  • Fix: change Generate Link URL in customer emails
  • Fix: default value for new_status and old_status in email class
  • Fix: billing country on invoices
  • Fix: fixed issue with hidden sections (generate link not removed from affiliate dashboard menu)
  • Fix: DB error on backend
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_prepare_items_commissions

1.5.1 - Released on 31 January 2019

  • New: WooCommerce 3.5.4 support
  • Tweak: replacing state code with state name when available in invoices
  • Update: Spanish translation
  • Update: internal plugin framework
  • Fix: totals shown in affiliate details page
  • Fix: prevent fatal error Can't use method return value in write context
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_email_currency to let third party code filter currencies showed plugin emails
  • Dev: added do action yith_wcaf_refeal_totals_table
  • Dev: added filter yith_wcaf_add_affiliate_role

1.5.0 - Released on 12 December 2018

  • New: support to WordPress 5.0
  • New: support to WooCommerce 3.5.2
  • New: Gutenberg block for yith_wcaf_registration_form shortcode
  • New: Gutenberg block for yith_wcaf_affiliate_dashboard shortcode
  • New: Gutenberg block for yith_wcaf_link_generator shortcode
  • Tweak: improved can_user_see_section method
  • Tweak: added autocomplete for withdraw fields
  • Tweak: updated plugin framework
  • Fix: notice in affiliate dashboard
  • Fix: notice "trying to retrieve user_login from non-object" on commission table
  • Fix: issue with Withdraw for countries that do not require state
  • Fix: prevent Notice when get_userdata returns a non-object
  • Fix: doubled input fields on custom registration form
  • Fix: section title in withdraw template
  • Dev: added missing actions on link generator template

1.4.1 - Released on 24 October 2018

  • New: added yith_wcaf_show_withdraw shortcode
  • New: email sent to affiliates when account is banned
  • Tweak: updated plugin framework
  • Tweak: improved layout of the Withdraw template
  • Tweak: improved email sent when affiliate account changes status
  • Updated: dutch language
  • Fix: minor issues introduced with last update

1.4.0 - Released on 03 October 2018

  • New: support to WooCommerce 3.5-RC1
  • New: support to WordPress 4.9.8
  • New: updated plugin framework
  • New: added new Reject status for affiliates
  • New: affiliates receives an email on account status change
  • New: added commissions Trash
  • New: affiliates can now request commissions withdraws
  • New: affiliates can now upload invoices for their withdraw requests
  • New: affiliates can now generate invoices for their withdraw requests
  • New: added affiliate details page
  • Fix: affiliate backend creation
  • Fix: fixed some queries on various admin views
  • Tweak: improved balance calculation
  • Dev: added filter get_referral_url filter

1.3.1 - Released on 19 July 2018

  • New: support to YITH PayPal Payouts for WooCommerce
  • New: added new fields during affiliate registration
  • New: admin can now exclude products/users from affiliate program
  • Tweak: improved filters, counters, views and redirection on affiliates admin panel
  • Tweak: manual payment are now registered by default as on-hold
  • Fixed: warning occurring when WooCommerce does not send all params to woocommerce_email_order_meta action
  • Dev: added filter yith_wcaf_dashboard_affiliate_message

1.3.0 - Released on 28 May 2018

  • New: WooCommerce 3.4 compatibility
  • New: WordPress 4.9.6 compatibility
  • New: updated plugin-fw
  • New: GDPR compliance
  • New: admin can now ban Affiliates
  • Update: Italian Language
  • Update: Spanish language
  • Tweak: improved pagination of dashboard sections
  • Fix: preventing notice when filtering by date payments

1.2.4 - Released on 05 April 2018

  • New: added "process orphan commissions" procedure
  • New: added shortcodes for Affiliate Dashboard sections ( [yith_wcaf_show_clicks], [yith_wcaf_show_commissions], [yith_wcaf_show_payments], [yith_wcaf_show_settings] )
  • New: added handling for subscription renews (YITH WooCommerce Subscription 1.3.2 required)
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_requester_link filter to let third party code change requester link

1.2.3 - Released on 02 March 2018

  • New: "yith_wcaf_show_if_affiliate" shortcode
  • Tweak: remove user_trailingslashit from get_referral_url to improve compatibility
  • Tweak: improved user capability handling, now all admin operations require at least manage_woocommerce capability (edited)
  • Dev: new filter "yith_wcaf_panel_capability" to let third party code change minimum required capability for admin operations
  • Dev: added "order_id" param for "yith_wcaf_affiliate_rate" filter
  • Update: italian translation

1.2.2 - Released on 01 February 2018

  • New: added WooCommerce 3.3.x support
  • New: added WordPress 4.9.2 support
  • New: added Dutch translation
  • New: pay commissions every day
  • New: pay only commissions older than a certain number of days
  • Tweak: added SAMEORIGIN header to Affiliate Dashboard page
  • Tweak: fixed error with wrong Affiliate ID when adding new affiliate to database
  • Fix: preventing fatal error on commission details view when order meta are retrieved as objects (WC 3.0+)
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_commissions_csv_heading and yith_wcaf_commissions_csv_row filters to let third party developers change output of csv export operation

1.2.1 - Released on 14 November 2017

  • Fix: added check over user before adding role

1.2.0 - Released on 10 November 2017

  • New: WooCommerce 3.2.x support
  • New: new affiliate role
  • New: added login form in "Registration form" template
  • New: added copy button for generated referral url
  • New: added export csv procedure for commissions
  • Tweak: added "Commissions table" to new order admin email
  • Fix: removed profile panel when customer have permissions lower then shop manager
  • Fix: problem with manual order affiliate assignment, when there are no previous commissions to delete
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_settings_form_start action
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_settings_form action
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_save_affiliate_settings action
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_show_dashboard_links filter to let dev show navigation menu on all affiliates dashboard pages

1.1.0 - Released on 04 April 2017

  • New: WordPress 4.7.3 compatibility
  • New: WooCommerce 3.0-RC2 compatibility
  • New: field to user profile, to let admin set current permanent affiliate token for the user
  • New: option to let admin choose that referral cookie won't change once set, till its expiration
  • New: capability for the admin to set an affiliate for an unassigned order
  • New: capability for the admin to remove an affiliate and relative commissions from an order
  • New: Delete bulk action for payments
  • New: option to force commissions deletion
  • New: added Hungarian - HUNGARY translation (thanks to Szabolcs)
  • Tweak: text domain to yith-woocommerce-affiliates. IMPORTANT: this will delete all previous translations
  • Tweak: send paid email at yith_wcaf_commission_status_paid
  • Tweak: complete revision for paid commissions emails triggers
  • Tweak: delete notes while deleting commission
  • Fix: email replacements
  • Fix: delete method for payments
  • Fix: commission paid email trigger
  • Fix: commission delete process
  • Fix: commission notes delete process
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_notify_user_pending_commission filter to let third party plugin prevent or enable pending commission notification
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_notify_user_paid_commissions filter to let third party plugin prevent or enable paid commission notification
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_affiliate_rate filter to let third party plugin customize affiliate commission rate
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_use_percentage_rates filter to let switch from percentage rate to fixed amount (use it at your own risk, as no control over item total is performed)
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_become_an_affiliate_redirection filter to let third party plugin customize redirection after "Become an Affiliate" butotn is clicked
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_become_affiliate_button_text filter to let third party plugin change Become Affiliate button label
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_persistent_rate filter to let third party plugin enable/disable persistent rate
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_payment_email_required filter to let third party plugin to remove payment email from affiliate registration form
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_create_order_commissions filter, to let dev skip commission handling
  • Dev: added filters yith_wcaf_before_dashboard_section and yith_wcaf_after_dashboard_section
  • Dev: added hooks after payment status change
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_get_current_affiliate_token function to get current affiliate token
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_get_current_affiliate function to get current affiliate object
  • Dev: added yith_wcaf_get_current_affiliate_user function to get current affiliate user object

1.0.8 - Released on 08 June 2016

  • Added: support WC 2.6 RC1
  • Added: italian translation
  • Added: spanish translation
  • Added: attributes to affiliate_dashboard shortcode (will be passed to single section shortcode callbacks)
  • Added: current_page attribute to all shortcodes that implements pagination
  • Added: per page input in affiliate dashboard
  • Added: style to #yith_wcaf_order_referral_commissions, #yith_wcaf_payment_affiliate, #yith_wcaf_commission_payments
  • Tweak: added controls to show variation everywhere a variable product may be print
  • Tweak: let rate set for Variable Product to apply to all variations
  • Tweak: added filter yith_wcaf_is_hosted to filter check over submitted host / server name match in link_generator callback
  • Fixed: Order links class/query vars

1.0.7 - Released on 05 May 2016

  • Added: WordPress 4.5.x support
  • Added: option to avoid referral cookie to be deleted after first customer checkout
  • Added: new stat in Stas panel (sum of all affiliation earnings since program start)
  • Fixed: removed useless library invocation
  • Fixed: generate link shortcode (removed protocol before check for local url)

1.0.6 - Released on 05 April 2016

  • Added: check over product existence on product table rates print method
  • Added: capability for the admin to set commissions completed, without using any gateway
  • Added: WooCommerce 2.5.x compatibility
  • Added: WordPress 4.4.x compatibility
  • Added: Users can now enter affiliate code from checkout page
  • Added: Permanent token can now be locked, so to not be changed when a new affiliation link is visited
  • Tweak: Performance improved with new plugin core 2.0
  • Fixed: order awaiting payment handling
  • Fixed: problems with views, due to new YITH menu name
  • Fixed: generate link shortcode (url parsing improvements)
  • Fixed: affiliate search method
  • Fixed: default WC emails templates not found

1.0.5 - Released on 17 October 2015

  • Added: Option to prevent referral cookie to expire
  • Added: Option to prevent referral history cookie to expire
  • Tweak: Increased expire seconds limit
  • Tweak: Changed disabled attribute in readonly attribute for link-generator template
  • Fixed: Corrected email templates
  • Fixed: Option for auto-enable affiliates not showing on settings page
  • Fixed: Commissions/Payment status now translatable from .po files
  • Fixed: Fatal error occurring sometimes when using YOAST on backend

1.0.4 - Released on 13 August 2015

  • Added: Compatibility with WC 2.4.2
  • Tweak: Added missing text domain on link-generator template (thanks to dabodude)
  • Tweak: Updated internal plugin-fw

1.0.3 - Released on 05 August 2015

  • Initial Release