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YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards

YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards allows you to create a points-generating system in your shop so that your users can be encouraged to come back to your store to get rewarded. The integration with YITH Affiliates allows generating points for your affiliates every time they generate sales through their affiliate link. You can award a fixed number of points for each order, generate points based on the order subtotal, or generate points as a percent value of the customer’s points. To activate this integration, make sure you have installed and activated the premium version of both plugins. Then, go to YITH > Points and Rewards > Points options > Extra points and here you will find an additional rule called Extra points to YITH WooCommerce Affiliates. Integration with YITH Points and Rewards
Here you can enable or disable the integration: disabling it will let you use both plugins but, the affiliates will not earn any points for orders generated through their referral link. Once enabled, you can choose how to award points to your affiliates. Choose one of the following three methods available:
  1. Fixed amount of points for each order: you can set a fixed number of points that your affiliates will get for every order, regardless of the order total. So, if you set this to 10 points, and the affiliate generates 3 different orders, he/she will get 30 points.
Fixed amount
2. Percent of points earned by customer: choose this option if you want points for affiliates to be calculated as a percent value of the points awarded to the customer for each order. For example, consider that you set a 50% and that the customer gets 30 points: the affiliate will get 15 points. Percent of points
3. Conversion based on order subtotal: this option lets you calculate points that are awarded to the affiliate based on the order subtotal. You have to set a conversion rate that applies to affiliate sales. For example, if you set 1 point every $10, so that an order worth $50 generates 5 points, an order worth $37 generates 3 points and so on. Suborder total
For more information about the settings of YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards, please refer to the official plugin documentation.